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  1. Hi all, Cleaning out the shop and found some treasures from the Conquest days. I have: good stock exhaust manifold that was nicely ported stock intake that was heavily ported but needs welding in a spot where they got it too thin throttle body assembly with injectors Camshaft, slight surface rust, JG engine dynamics cam of unknown spec Stock ‘88 ECU good working condition Ask for pics/Make offer. Located in 84025
  2. Thanks for the kind words, BOHO. Car is SOLD, thanks all for the interest!
  3. Thanks for the interest, guys. I've added some pics of the grungy engine bay to the gallery: Gallery
  4. do you have the upper front strut mounts? Condition?
  5. CAR IS SOLD! Car has: Forged pistons (Wiseco) Marnal NJV head Stainless valves Magna MPI 72 lb injectors Megasquirt Distributorless ignition Cam (old JG engine dynamics) Adjustable cam gear ITS 60-1 turbo, getting a bit laggy, may want to rebuild it some day Stainless equal length header Tial Ext. WG 2.5" stainless IC piping 3" stainless exhaust 245/225 tires, not an SHP car This is one of those half-finished projects. The engine build was less than 15K ago. Starts and runs great, could use some tuning. Engine bay/ wiring needs a cleanup. The body is very straight, with little to no rust. Interior is also in very good condition. With a little bit of work (mostly cosmetic) this car would be a beauty. Located in Alpine, UT. Pics coming soon. Thanks for looking! EDIT: MORE INFO- Vehicle mileage is just under 137K. Body is very straight other than a couple of very small door dings. There is slight surface rust inside the lip of the rear fenders right behind the tires. Not very visible. The car was in Florida most of its life, so it doesn't have the standard Utah salt body rot. Paint on the hood and bumpers is oxidized. Car has short shifter installed. WBO2 sensor/controller installed but needs a new display. Aftermarket boost gauge. Full disclosure: here's some stuff that you will probably want to work on: Relocate air cleaner (currently right on the turbo), front strut mounts, front ball joints, air dam, turbo rebuild?, front tires (rears are good) http://www.starquestclub.com/forum/uploads/1278209114/gallery_3824_699_242702.jpg http://www.starquestclub.com/forum/uploads/1278209114/gallery_3824_699_531006.jpg http://www.starquestclub.com/forum/uploads/1278209114/gallery_3824_699_390620.jpg
  6. Glad to hear it! Finally a couple of pics. Sorry I forgot to resize!
  7. Oh yes, I mean your Airdam. Too much selling, I'm SO confused.
  8. Thanks for the bump. Are your struts getting close?
  9. There are several around. Did you see the one at the Cruise-In?
  10. I'm getting to it, really I am...
  11. Getting reluctantly out of the Starquest business, need to sell my car. Car has 136500 miles, engine has maybe 10K. Engine is fully built and has great oil pressure. Runs strong. Asking $3200 Forged Wiseco pistons Balance shafts eliminated Non jet valve head (Marnal) Performance camshaft Adjustable cam gear Multi-port injection Distributorless ignition Programmable engine management (Megasquirt) Custom stainless exhaust header ITS 60-1 turbocharger Short shifter Stage III clutch 3" stainless exhaust Body is very straight, paint is OK. Interior is in very good shape. Airdam is busted up. At this price it's worth buying just for the built engine. Hit me up with any questions. Thanks for looking! http://www.starquestclub.com/forum/uploads/1278209114/gallery_3824_699_531006.jpg http://www.starquestclub.com/forum/uploads/1278209114/gallery_3824_699_390620.jpg http://www.starquestclub.com/forum/uploads/1278209114/gallery_3824_699_242702.jpg
  12. Yes, unless you state otherwise it is assumed that you have tuned your trigger angle so that the advance map reflects actual timing, and that you have a zero Trim value.
  13. Nice. Should be nice square waves which means they don't require any special signal conditioning like a VR or reluctance sensor.
  14. That's a very nice solution! What's the pickup/wheel arrangement (tooth count/sensor type, etc.) with this unit? What did you do to keep it from rotating?
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