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  1. Why not use the 5.9 durango engine? The magnum series of Dodge v8s is a pretty awesome platform. More power (pronounced mopar) to yah!
  2. They fit. I've sold mine, I'll double check if I have another set or not. But, they went into a GVR4.
  3. Windows 10 is great. If you think upgrading will get rid of problems, it won't. There is probably something other than the OS wrong. However, if you do a fresh install, it may. But, if you have bad hardware, it's still going to be bad. I've done about 20 upgrades/installs, no problems.
  4. If you are running low boost, you probably won't bend a compressor blade. But a blow off valve, or diverter valve, allows the air that has already been compressed to escape when the throttle is snapped shut so that the turbo doesn't stall or attempt to spin backwards for that brief millisecond. Saving your turbo and increasing turbo response when you shift in a manual. Auto guys put them on because they sound cool. jk about the auto thing, on an auto it can save the turbo as well after a full pass, so it has less chance to break the turbo.
  5. A properly setup head will alter the fuel requirements a bit. The calculator just gets you a base line. So lets start with a base line... Are you batch fire, or sequential? What do you have, and what did you calculate? Also, brands make a difference, RC/denso will react different than FIC/rochester, and so on. As far as driving it, with someones map, if you paid for Tuner Studio (I recommend you do) you can just run auto tune while cruising, but stay out of boost. Blowing up an engine rarely happens while cruising.
  6. http://www.megamanual.com/v22manual/mfuel.htm read that. In short, you can use any table you want and scale it however you want. Does he have different injectors, engine size, number of injectors....? Then consider any other differences in your setups (turbo, piping, IC, air filter, manifold setups, NJV head, etc..) and you will start to realize why table sharing isn't always the best idea when trying to get YOUR tune dialed in if you already have a base map.
  7. transplants - diamonds and guns.
  8. I wouldn't say re-torque, since you didn't do the torquing originally. I would personally check the torque on them if the valve cover is off.
  9. I like the idea of using a toggle switch, because blue led anything gets really annoying at night. (maybe my eyes just suck) I doubt you killed the o2 in a 10min unpowered drive. If anything, leaving the gauge exposed to sunshine may have damaged that. I think I remember seeing problems with older innovate gauges getting cooked in the sun. Innovate has an awesome warranty, and as long as you aren't trying to take advantage of them, they take care of their products. If it's the diag light that isn't powering on, that's not good. But it could be as simple as a bad switch, power, or ground. You mentioned ghetto earlier, maybe ghetto failed.
  10. I'll be turbo stock intake. It was fun, why mess with something that works I guess.
  11. Just to update, I have a lot to do on it still, but I missed my anticipated start day July,18th, so Now, I'm going the easy route to be able to enjoy it before summer comes to an end. http://www.ilostmymind.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/wpid-wp-1437272905256.jpeg
  12. http://www.ilostmymind.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/wpid-wp-1432753935280.jpeg Just an update, I got my water neck all fitted up with the oem location. I have to add one port for a fan switch.
  13. So here's last nights progress. http://www.ilostmymind.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/wpid-imag0073.jpg I just bolted it to the head to use that as a heat sink. Simple and functional. I'm alternating back and forth from TIG to MIG. I'm a lot more confident with my MIG since I just started to use TIG. So far so good. And my other addiction. The ZJs. http://www.ilostmymind.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/wpid-imag0076.jpg
  14. I believe the paint is this: http://www.autozone.com/paint-and-body/paint-spray-can-and-touch-up/dupli-color-light-blue-metallic-perfect-match-paint/59756_0_0/ It is going to be turboed. No doubt about it. My plan is; get it broke in, running, and tuned NA, and dynoed. Then, turbo it, tune it, and dyno it to see my gains. I may have been a little misleading saying I'm focusing on NA performance right now.
  15. Exactly. It's version 2003, I think that was the last one. So my ~120hp goal to the wheels seems realistic.
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