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  1. Start the lynching with the people of Indiana?
  2. There's a checkbox on your profile to hide your email from the public
  3. We had some issues with the post count column, and let's just say it's best that it stay away for a while. It may or may not come back someday...
  4. This could happen Any thoughts on names and descriptions?
  5. I'm working on code to purge the existing forum of any messages over two weeks before a new one is created. Currently every message has to be deleted by hand!
  6. Actually, it doesn't put your deleted messages in there; those are copies of messages you sent to other people ( hence the name outbox ) And I've cleared your outbox... Anyone else that wants their outbox cleared, post in this thread to let me know. I'll be notified of any replies...
  7. That would be because you have too many messages... I just checked, and you have 276 messages. Maybe I'll have to put an auto purge on the system someday. Check out the posting by Shawn Silva that details how everyone should delete messages from their boxes to help speed up the site: http://www.starquestclub.com/index.pl?boar...;num=1057687311
  8. Ok, this time for sure... (I know, I know, that trick never works...)
  9. The only problem with making mandatory fields is that this system doesn't have any way to distinguish from one forum to the next for the addition of extra info like that. We would probably need to put a sticky note up with the guidelines and delete posts that don't fit the guidelines after a warning is sent to the author to "fix it or lose it" within some time frame. And no whining about deleted posts! The rules would be very clear. Follow them or else! Whiners will be deleted! Come to think of it, that should be applied site wide anyways
  10. The short answer is that there isn't anything canned out there that does everything we need the site to do. The long answer is that Yabb is very poorly written, and has some serious issues with dropping posts, bottlenecks, and maintenance nightmares. I don't want to throw away all the posts we already have accumulated here, so I'm writing my own code to import the existing posts and basically duplicate the look and feel (with some serious modifications). The only other alternative would be to go with the PHP version of Yabb that will also import the existing posts, but I would have to rewrite all the modifications that I've hacked into this code in order for it to work properly, and that's not going to happen because I refuse to run PHP on a production server because of security concerns. When it's all said and done, we'll have a faster site, more customized functionality, and user selectable site color schemes, just to name a few things.
  11. I don't know, with YIM, AIM, and MSN messenger already out there, it seems like that might be re-inventing the wheel. I might be cool, but I'm gonna stick to just working on getting the code written to do the basic site functionality done first before I think about anything tricky like this...
  12. So what you're looking for is a breakdown of forums to match the manual or something?
  13. You can do that now, can't you? Click on their name in the menu and click "Send this member a private message." in their profile. Or are you looking for popping up a window on their screen?
  14. I have that very thing in the works!!
  15. So you basically mean something along the lines of a hybrid between the "Virtual Mechanic", and the "Engine and Performance Mods" boards where someone could ask a question, or post about mods/parts/performance issues?
  16. Not sure I understand what you mean by this. Can you expand a bit?
  17. That already exists, Sam. Follow the link to your inbox, and then select the "preferences" icon to the far right. On the preference page change the drop-down labeled "Notify by e-mail:" to yes, and you're all set!
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