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  1. Hey, mine's reportedly from Snohomish. Long way from home. If you do end up replacing the fuel pump, it probably wouldn't hurt to take care of the screen filter that's on the end of the fuel pickup tube in the tank. Not sure where else to get it, but I just got a couple from Randy (goes by Dad here), he may have some more.
  2. Yeah I haven't got to that phase yet, I very much have my hands full with just this one since it's my first project and manual. Luckily I have (almost) all the tools for the job; used to be a Toyota technician for a little bit.
  3. I have been born again. Shame too, didn't even have have enough time to make a proper fool of myself. I've already received a bunch of help from some of you in a past life, but I thought I'd re-introduce. Picked up this 87 Conquest back in February this year off of a kid who only had it for 2 weeks. Has ~160k miles, GM MAF+MAF Translator, Delphi/Trilogy injectors, and a 12a with a 18g? upgraded compressor wheel. It appears to be an original Valencia Gold car, but it's been Maaco'd at one point, so all the gold you see is actually the 2nd coat on top of the original. No evidence of body damage though, and thankfully no rust. The car spent most of it's life in Washington until it made it's way down here in 2007. It actually still has stickers for NWStarquest.com on the windows, albeit appropriately faded by sun exposure. After doing some Wayback Machine stalking of those forums, I found it was owned by someone going by b_mart24, so if any of you run into him, let him know I got some questions. I've already done a bunch of stuff to it, even called the tow truck twice so far. Replaced the head with a NJV, had the steering box rebuilt by Redhead, rebuilt the turbo, and a bunch more with no sign of stopping now. Right now it's off the road as I'm getting the fuel tank cleaned out and relined. Once I get it back on the road I'm hoping to tackle the some running quirks it's got, maybe get some coilovers from MKS. Here are a couple of pics:
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