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  1. I love the one I bought from you a few years ago. Cool knowing you have something that only a handful of people in the U.S. have. GLWS Drake
  2. Was following this on FB, never put two and two together lol. Looks awesome Mike!
  3. Got mine installed tonight. Works awesome man! Great product Britt! Drake
  4. Got my set of D2's today from Nick and man they look awesome! can't wait to get them installed! thanks again man!
  5. This pic is awesome Phil! What wheels are those? Look great on there!
  6. Craftsman tester yielded 140,137,138,140. Much better! Thanks guys!
  7. Can you really talk? Quit being a damn drama queen and let it go man. Remember we're all here for the love of these cars, not to whine around and talk each other down. Once again A+ on the coupler BC, and G54Bstore you should just make your own version and sell it for 50 bucks if you think it's so easy. PS. Britt, how long should I expect it to take for me to swap my couplers out? Hoping to do it within the next week.
  8. A custom machined one to replace a NLA part for our rare cars? Price seems very fair to me. Can't wait to get mine installed Britt. Drake
  9. Happy birthday John! Thanks for all the inspiration with your awesome car!
  10. Just want to make sure everything is healthy before cranking the S16g up to 20 psi
  11. Thanks guys I'm going to Sears today to get a craftsman tester. From the reviews I've read they are much more accurate/reliable.
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