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  1. man i just bought one in feb. from in. this one is cleaner then mine i might have to make a trip down there and get this one body is in much better shape then mine.
  2. ok wow i have seen a few starquest with the Delphi injectors and was just curious but dont want to have to put in 8 injectors in thats a whole lot of work/fab so i guess for now i will order new injector clips from randy(dad) thanks guys sean
  3. my injector wires are dry rotted and since i am working at jim butler Chevrolet now i have been getting parts left and right from repair jobs i have gotten my hands on a set of dephi injectors from a 2012 Chevy silverado and wanted to know if there was anything special i needed to do in-order to get them to fit and work properly any information is gratefully appreciated thank you, sean
  4. i own a 87 conquest wanting to upgrade the flywheel for manual trans.
  5. hello David its Sean again i have a small list of parts i need. A accordion intake pipe, combination switch for wipers/turn,A pillars color not important,grill and cluster to modify, intercooler zip code is 63051 house springs missouri thank you Sean
  6. i have a good leather 87 interior wanting to trade it for a cloth interior since i have removed the rotted a/c components & gets really hot the only bad is the pass. side leg adjuster is missing going to be adding pics of interior as soon as i can get out to the car. would like to go with the open headrest 88-89 but would be ok with 87 and older if you have cloth and want leather hear you go.
  7. accordion intake pipe, combination switch for wipers/turn,A pillars color not important please pm me with a price for package and shipping MO.63051
  8. accordion intake pipe, combination switch for wipers/turn,A pillars color not important,grill and cluster to modify, oil gauge, intercooler,and that niffty looking down pipe and mid section shoot me a price for the packaged deal
  9. was wondering if you had a combination switch,accordion intake pipe,A pillar cover both L/R,door sills L/R,also radiator/oil caps,and starion horn button cant think of any thing else right off hand i will have to check my car and see what else i may need
  10. nice build and nice find i enjoyed reading about your build good luck with every ting cant wait to see more of it on the road
  11. right on i will give him a holler i have mad a few purchases from him in the past head,turbo so i will definitely give him a hit
  12. the 3 pieces air dams are going to be hard.
  13. title pretty much sells my problem I have NO AIR DAM I need one dont care if it is damaged cracked chipped i am a body repair man just need one that needs fixing i could buy a new one from NIKOFAB but dont have the money for a new one. it just look funny with no air dam please shoot me a number and my wife and I would love to take that broken or busted air dam if it is in pieces im not interested it would take more time trying to get it all back together again and trying to get it to fit properly and make it look good it would take more time then i want to invest right now trying to get the motor done and dropped in at the same time as doing most of my body work .
  14. nice find looks pretty good if you are going to ask questions some times its better to post a pic with your question so we can accurately look and help diagnose your problems and help you get her back on the road. there are a few things you need to remember the car is 25 years old most of the parts on these cars are just as old take your time things will break try not to let it get to you .almost all of these cars have been used and abused lots of them neglected and cut up never finished just please if you start the project please try to finish i know some times it just seams like the dam thing dont want to go together,cant get hands in there, it gets aggravating but dont let that stop you you find yourself scratching your head and dont know what to do take a break smoke a cig. (if you dont smoke then dont start) post a question or to and some pics then go back to it you will find a lot of guys on hear are really helpful but you must know what you are working on to ask the question . ex. (what is this thing under the intake- take a pic use your fingers to point to the item you are asking about. hope every thing works out for you feel free to ask for help it never hurts especially if you dont know.
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