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  1. He was trying to charge me 210 American good thing I didn't buy yet shipping to Alaska is only 125 by sea. Import warrior what would it take to finish building this head parts cost wise. Also how difficult is it to find magna manifold? Any advise would be appreciated thank you.
  2. Can u use this on Tbi. Also thought I read these will change your compression. Will your stock cam work with this also.
  3. Sorry guys went to Medford instead of Eugene was a great trip! Beautiful here I did get to see the backside of one Starion but I'll be back and yeah try in get in touch with you fellas!
  4. Cool fellas pm me your contact info super stoked to be able to meet fellow starquest enthusiasts! Hopefully I can upgrade my rental to something with a little performance.
  5. Id defiantly meet halfway!
  6. Well ill be in town Monday 15-19 if your still in the area ill have a rental id be stoked to meet up.
  7. Wondering if anybody is in Eugene or close by. Ill will be there for refinishing training next week and would like meet fellow members and check out some rides. Being in Alaska there are only two of us. Im willing travel thanks let me know.
  8. I'd be intrested in intake pipe is available.
  9. Has anyone order parts from this company? Parts seem to be at least 50% less than other mitsubishi part vendors also noticed descriptions dont match.
  10. There is a 2.5" mk1 midpipe on eBay right now I'd jump on it sure it will sell fast.
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