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  1. I have a set I was looking to get rid of, but honestly didn't seem many were interested. They were on my car until I upgraded to my D2 coilovers and worked. The problem is with the factory stuff if you can't promise how much longer it will hold up for... They have been off of my car since 2018. Some overspray on the springs from when I painted it. I can try to get some pics later if you are interested.
  2. Hi all, finally got around to trying a bunch of different variables. As we all know you can only change one thing at a time to make it a valid experiment It seems that anytime I interrupt the boost signal from either the 7.5psi or 10.5psi line off of the solenoid the boost instantly spikes much to high (20+psi). I even tried this with a Hallman Pro RX boost controller (ceramic ball supposed to react quicker to boost changes) and had the same result. For the time being I am going to keep my Hallman boost controller in the car and move the three lines around if I ever want to target a higher boost level. Most of the driving I do with the car I am not driving hard so the factory boost levels keep it in a happy range that will help longevity as well I hope. Thanks for all of the help and let me know if you guys have any other ideas you think I should try before fully writing this off!
  3. Thanks for the replies anyone. I do have a boost gauge and fuel pressure gauge inside the car to help ensure the car is running as expected. The car is currently running the factory boost setup of 7.5psi below 4k rpm and 10.5psi above 4k rpm, I am looking to install boost controllers in each line to increase this perhaps to something like 10psi below 4k rpm, and 13psi about 4k rpm, sorry if I didn't make this clear from the start. Thanks again for all of the good insight on this topic. I have one Hallman MBC and have a friend willing to lend me another for a basic trial run on this to see if I can change the boost independently as Turbo Cary mentioned should be possible.
  4. Sorry didn't feel like going through the whole list (used to be in my signature before the server got wiped out). Walbro 255, upgrade injectors, Trilogy Turbos FPR, Mallory ignition coil, wideband, 1G MAF, and a few other supporting mods. I have made sure the car is running 100% before trying to push any further. I am talking about trying to place a MBC on the 7.5psi part of the wastegate, and another MBC on the 10.5psi part of the wastegate. Curious if anyone has experimented with this in the past as an interesting way to keep the factory "two stage" operational but up the boost on such. -Jeff
  5. That's what I was wondering if using the factory setup of the 3 port waste gate and the boost "crossover" at 4000RPM if I could add manual boost controllers into the lines to the wastegate to increase my pressure in each stage. It seems to make sense in my head at least. I had never heard of a ProFec before but it seems to be a powerful little tool.
  6. I tried searching for this but I was unable to find anything, possibly searching the wrong terms. 1989 Conquest TSi wondering if I could possibly use the factory two stage boost control and three port waste gate with a manual boost controller to each port. Perhaps do something like like 10psi under 4k rpm, and 13 above 4k rpm. Has anyone tried this in the past? Curious if it would be possible. 17C turbo and TBI installed on the car. Thanks
  7. Hey guys, just curious if anyone have an A/C delete duct they are willing to part with. I checked the for sale saw nothing so let's give this a shot! Thanks!
  8. Sorry guys! Took forever I know, busy looking for houses and all the fun stuff that goes along with that! Enjoy! I have a few more I will try to snag and get up eventually. It was a great show, maybe next year we can get a few more StarQuests there! http://i521.photobucket.com/albums/w337/FieroGTFan/IMG_20150816_144503_zpsvcfqwgpa.jpg http://i521.photobucket.com/albums/w337/FieroGTFan/IMG_20150816_144512_zpsctajoqlc.jpg http://i521.photobucket.com/albums/w337/FieroGTFan/IMG_20150816_144527_zpshlndboot.jpg http://i521.photobucket.com/albums/w337/FieroGTFan/IMG_20150816_144427_zps1u5vzdno.jpg http://i521.photobucket.com/albums/w337/FieroGTFan/IMG_20150816_144438_zpsp2faie6n.jpg http://i521.photobucket.com/albums/w337/FieroGTFan/IMG_20150816_144449_zps8l3lzq7p.jpg
  9. I know we both snapped a few, I will try to get them up as soon as possible! It was a great show thanks for putting it together. Unfortunately I had to run pretty quick after and didn't get to say much.
  10. I'll be there! Going to try to get the Quest together in time! If not I will be there just to look around, anything I need to do for registration?
  11. Yes yes yes! N8 kicks butt man! Anything you need he is your man, not only a great guy but great customer service, any issues or questions he is right there to help, now I just need to save the money to buy everything else I want the quality is great, everything arrived very fast and the parts look better than imagined. Thanks!
  12. Bought a bunch of goodies off of him. He shipped them very quick and they were wrapped up very nicely! Would buy from again when I find another great deal thanks!
  13. Bought a TPS actuator off of him a while back and it was shipped quick and wrapped nicely! Thanks! Easy to deal with for sure.
  14. Niko was great to deal with. As soon as I paid the parts were shipped and I got them in no time at all. I would deal with him again for sure everything was totally painless and he kept me in the loop with everything going on with PM's. Thanks Niko!
  15. Hey sorry, I have been busy didn't see you had asked Octane. I was able to save most of the seals, the other ones I had to essentially fabricate using other seals (those including the door handle and lock cylinder rubbers)
  16. Thank you! That's a great idea I hadn't even thought of! I tend to forget about all the information we have available to us. I will look now and see what I can dig up.
  17. Hey guys, need some more help. Finally got around to the point of getting the car painted, right now I have it all stripped down and started the body work. I am curious about the weatherstripping for these cars, from what I found both through some research and hunting on the forum, no one makes it for these cars is that correct? I would need the inner door rubber, the stuff on the door, the door handle seals, lock seals, and if possible I would like to find the seals for the vents just behind the doors. Thanks in advance.
  18. Purchased a set of vinyl off of him for my Conquest. Looked great, great quality. Very pleased, fast shipping as well.
  19. Brian is great, I bought injectors off of him and I know I was a pain for awhile asking why the car wasn't running right and such. He gladly worked with me and completely helped me out with the issue.
  20. Hey guys, I have a 89' Conquest, and I am in kind of a pinch here, wondering if anyone has a throttle position sensor actuator. I was trying to do a test of my TPS today and the voltage was reading the same, no matter how it was turned. I took the TPS off and sure enough the arm was broken. If anyone has a good one or and idea of what to do it is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  21. Why are other people able to run this setup then? I agree with what you are saying believe me. I just wish I could figure out why others can run the setup, yet my car doesn't like it at all.
  22. Hey guys, So I have a major issue that has stumped me. I bought two new injectors for my 89' Conquest. I installed the injectors and when the primary is hooked up, the car barely runs and searches the rpms from 100-2000 rpms, literally feels like it is going to shake the car apart. When I switch clips and plug the secondary injector into the primary clip, the car runs fairly well. Occasionally a miss, probably from being way rich, but idles dead at 850rpms. With the factory injectors in the car. It runs fine. Perfect idle no hesitation. Just curious if anyone had any ideas. Primary is a 750cc, secondary is a 1000cc. Thank you
  23. Embarrassing, but after messing around long enough I noticed the throttle body spring was totally dry and wasn't returning. I was able to pull it back into place then I lubed the spring. Thanks guys sorry for the worthless post. Haha
  24. Hey guys, spent a ton of time getting everything together and finally started the car after timing chain, BSEK, and turbo rebuild. All of a sudden I didn't have spark. Turns out it was how the last guy messed with the O2 sensor which was causing a short. I started the car and it was running very well, I think proceeded to back out of the driveway pulsing the gas to pull out, then I let off and the car kept climbing in RPM's. I shut it off and made sure everything was okay, then tried to start it again, immediately the car started revving and it went above 3k. I tried searching but had no luck and also didn't know what to search exactly. Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks.
  25. I bought the car last summer and was tearing it apart to fix the timing and found this, but don't worry I'll make sure to use distilled water with the coolant, or a good premixed antifreeze.
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