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  1. I just wanted to share a $5 part I ran across at the scrap yard, I have a hard time posting pics but if you google 2000 vw fuse box and hit images you'll see a black power box with a red wire coming out the side. you can run power to 8 different fused sources, its neat, compact, has a lid and fuses. make sure to grab the 3 wire plug because you'll have a plug in 3 power source that runs to 30 amp fuses. I also kept the screw down wires, i cut them as far back as possible. don't bother going to parts galore in 8 mile Detroit, I have all 4 of them from there lol.
  2. thanks everyone, I wound up finding a old vdo tach I had, removed the guts, transferred the stock tach face and needle to the vdo guts and after a little grinding and drilling got it to fit in the stock location. the 3 wires from the vdo wer pretty straight forward and it works great and looks stock. I didn't think to take pics but ill try to post a vid if any ones interested.
  3. if I can get it to work I think I can make it read correct, any one have any idea how to hardwire it? can I cut the black and red wires, bypass the circuit board and run them straight to source? again, thanks.
  4. I think I've searched every forum but im not sure about which wires I need to connect to make my factory tach work with my lt1 swap. I'm pretty sure about the coil wire I should splice into on the lt1 harness (black & white on the grey side of the coil plug) but I don't no which wire on the cluster harness to tap into. I don't have the original engine harness on the car but I do still have the yellow and white connector on the driver firewall. can I run wires from the coil directly to the back of the tach if I remove the tach? can I run a wire from the yellow and white connector to the lt1 coil? can I run a wire from to the coil to to the cluster harness? if so, which wire? thanks for any help.
  5. I have 4 decent rears with vey good treaded Hercules 245 50 16 tires, need to be redone but good condition, $300. can send pics to cell or email. thnks.
  6. nice writeup and thanks! im a little confused about the battery/volt wire. which wire do I splice into on the cluster harness to run to my alt/batt? you stated its the yellow/green and black but isn't that the water temp wire? I only have one yellow/ green wire on my 88. thanks.
  7. very nice! I replaced all my factory speakers but could not bring myself to replace the factory radio, I will definitely be doing this mod!
  8. i have a 4l60e in my lt1 swapped quest, it fits the trans tunnel of a factor equipped automatic car with a little hammer luv, the factory tunnel on a manual car is smaller and will need to be modified. the 4l60e will require a conversion box from Dakota digital ($300) to convert the vss pulses to cable drive, the later 700r4's are simpler and cheaper and just as strong (strong might be a reach), just a add deeper pan, cooler & corvette servo.
  9. im pretty sure the consoles are 88 & 89, its still for sale and its located in Roseville mi
  10. im selling my lt1 swapped quest. all the hard works done, wiring, exhaust, computer reprogrammed, driveshaft, needs a few things taken care of, the gauges, blinkers and power mirrors don't work and the fan therm controls not hooked up(I used a toggle), hood pins, im sure im forgetting something but the car runs and drives. shp wheels and rear shocks, I have the fronts shp struts but they wer cut for coilovers, paints a little rough but only a couple minor rust spots, bodys solid. I have a ton of extra parts that go with it, extra doors, interior panels, hatch, fenders, computers, trim, rear cradle with pig, power steering pump, aluminum lt1 heads, lt1 intake with injectors, iron lt1 heads, lt1 water pump, good stock fuel pump, neon srt4 front seats, 1 extra shp front rim & 2 extra shp rears (not perfect but good), center consoles, hood, taillights, front & rear bumper, grille, cracked front chin spoiler, turn signals, few calipers, fuse blocks, steering wheel and column, headlights and im sure stuff im forgetting. its a solid project car that wont take much to finish but im forced to sell, id like 3500. I always have trouble posting pics but i can send a ton to your email or cell.
  11. thanks, its a 4l60e. 700r4 would have been cheaper and easier! the 4l60e is a computer controlled 700r4 and I had to spend $300 on a Dakota Digital speedometer adapter, that's $50 more then I paid for the car.
  12. front sump from a nova 2. i don't think freebird had to do this bcause of his placment but i welded my draglink bar to a table near the ends but not to close to the bushings, layed ice filled ziplocks on the bushings, cut out the crooked center section and welded in a straight bar so now its straight. you don't think you have to do this but it gave me the extra clearance i wanted, if your planning a chevy swap you should def get with freebird.
  13. sorry, I don't have any engine or trans parts and im not sure about your problem but im sure another member could prob help you if you post your prob in electrical or maybe check FAQ archives.
  14. its a 94 lt1 from a buick roadmaster and I'm from Roseville Michigan. I got the oil pan idea from you, it does work great. it's by no means super fast but from a about a 20 mph rolling start in a race with my sons stock 95 mustang 5spd it got sideways when I punched it so he jumped out ahead a couple cars but when I finally hooked I ran him down and after I passed him the gap kept growing. I have a extra set of iron heads, a set of aluminum heads, extra intake and a friend holding a gm hot cam for me. I'd like to port the aluminum heads and intake and drop in the cam when I get the car sorted out.
  15. I have a few extra parts laying around for sale, I have one 1988 main computer, maybe 2 of every other computers (I have 2 etac computers but my power windows or mirrors don't work and im not sure if I need them), yellow fenders, yellow hood with dented corner, center console, burgundy radio console, yellow headlights, turbo seatbelts, slight dented red doors, red hatch, 2 like new bfg kdw flame pattern 224 45 16 tires, headliner, visors and a few other interior, exterior parts. no reasonable offers refused but I prefer pic up. ill try and post pics but it'll be easier to send pics to your cell. thanks.
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