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  1. Which digital dash? The early part digital dashs are almost a straight swap. The later fully digital dashes require a bit of work.
  2. If that falls through, i'll take em :-).
  3. Both dizzies have now sold. I'll keep any eye out for more though, as they are a great solution to a triggering system on an MPI swap :-). Cheers. Zac.
  4. Yes, kind of speedyquest, but even more so, If you could have both the turbos inline with one another, so one is directly on top of the other, it's look pretty mental. Would make downpipe fabrication pretty easy too.
  5. If the flatty was not fitted with the spoiler from the factory, it won't have the mounting recesses below the rear window. You can slice these off the three piece spoiler though, and use some really good glue to glue it on the flatty. My red car is like that.
  6. Mount one 'high mount', and one 'low mount' below it, it'd look nuts :-)
  7. I'd worry much less about the compressor side of things (12a, 14b, etc...), and more about the turbine side. You're going to struggle to spool up two 8cm^2 TC/TD05 housings. GTO/3000GT TD04/13b turbo's would actually be a pretty decent match. They run out of juice at around 5krpm on the 3.0l motor, so would probably be a pretty decent match to a 4g54. You can't really compare your proposed setup to that of a GTR, as those are a 4 valve per cylinder head, flow alot more air and are designed to make their power up high in the RPM range. You'll find any GTR with big twins will be making all it's power at 6krpm+... I wouldnt recommend trying to spin a 4 cylinder 2.6lt motor to those RPM levels to try and spool up the twins, it's alot of mass per cylinder to be flinging around. Still a cool idea, but don;t get stuck on the idea of having two 'big' turbos. If you can get a cheap pair of TD04 13b's, they'd be awesome I reckon. Car's with decent torque in the rev range you spend most of your time in are way more fun to drive. You could build a horsepower monster, but if it makes all that power where you never use it, it wont be any fun to drive :-).
  8. The factory compressor housing would be a pretty decent size for a twin setup, should support pretty good power levels. However your turbos over there on the 2.6l motors have 8cm^2 exhaust housing, and I would think they'd be a little on the large side for a twin setup. I'd expect it'll be really laggy. You could try and get a couple of 6cm^2 exhaust housings from overseas 2l models? Finding ones that aren't cracked is pretty tricky though!
  9. Was at the local pick-a-part yesterday scavenging some seats for my Ute, and happened across a couple of Magna wagons with injected 4g54's. Unfortunately the intake manifolds are the long-runner style, that don't fit the LHD StarQuests, so I didn't bother grabbing them. However, the distributors are totally usable for your triggering. These output the common Mitsy 4-1 pattern, and should be usable on almost any aftermarket ECU, and allow you to run an individual coil per plug (or wasted spark) and sequential injection. I've seen a couple of people use the SOHC 4g63 optical distributors with a spacer made up, and that's a good way to go. These will give you the same result, however they're a direct fit, no spacers or any other malarkey needed. If I was fitting one, I'd machine off the rotor post, and spin up a nice aluminium cap to seal them off. Would look very neat and tidy. Sorry for not cleaning them... We've just bought a new house, and my parts washer isn't set up yet :-(. Both units spin nicely, with no noise or signs of wear from the bearings. Both motors I pulled these from were super gunky though, thus the mess. I'm after $200NZD each, including shipping anywhere in the USA. I've seen people trying to get three times this much for SOHC 4g63 optical distributors with the spacer, and while they never will because that's an obscene price to ask, I think $200NZD is pretty fair for these :-). Swing me a PM if you're interested. http://i750.photobucket.com/albums/xx141/ProZac83/Stuff%20For%20Sale/IMG_20150326_121234_zps2yzcqu5v.jpg http://i750.photobucket.com/albums/xx141/ProZac83/Stuff%20For%20Sale/IMG_20150326_121226_zpsxzu0jie5.jpg http://i750.photobucket.com/albums/xx141/ProZac83/Stuff%20For%20Sale/IMG_20150326_121314_zpskup07rqt.jpg
  10. D2's come in different ranges, their more street orientated ones have rubber mounts. Mine do, for example. Still camber adjustable, but no pillow-ball bearing.
  11. Cheers JW. I;ve made contact with Scott, and he's finding me a price for shipping. If it's not a dooable thing though, I'll get in touch with you. Thanks!
  12. Cheers Skullzaflare, I'll keep that in mind :-).
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