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  1. What I Would Love To See Is A Compressor Map For The Stock 12A Turbo. Also, Any Stock Turbo Data Logs Showing Boost Response Or Spool Up. Keith PS: Capitalization Are Not My Idea... Damn Phone!
  2. I lived in the Communist Republic of Connecticut back in the mid 90's... what a crap hole! Only place in New England that is worth a crap is New Hampshire. The rest of it would be well served by a Tsunami. Keith
  3. I missed the thread where you bought this place.... was it an estate sale from where a hoarder died under an avalanche of their own stored up junk? Keith
  4. When I first read your post I was like "what the heck?" but after thinking about it, it illustrates what I was saying very well. Prejudiced and racist are incorrectly used as synonyms in common usage, but they are slightly different. Prejudice is much more common, and my post above is all about common society and the court system being much more prejudice on a socioeconomic basis than it is racist. Keith
  5. The system doesn't give a crap what color you are, it cares how much money you have. An easy example is DUI (DWI) enforcement. If you have enough money for a good lawyer you will never be convicted for a DUI on a first offense, and probably not for multiple offenses. You will get "reckless driving" or some other BS. If you can't afford a good lawyer you get a DUI on your record. The court system is trying to empty your pockets and it doesn't care what color skin is under that clothing as long as they can hold you up by your heals and shake money out of you. I grew up in a mostly white rural area of Michigan, and I assure you that poor white trash are not treated any better by the system than poor black people. I have enough "white trash" in my family to have seen it first hand. Cops in all white (or almost all white) areas don't go on vacation, or sit around like they are in Mayberry... they hassle the poor white trash. 90% of the time when they hassle the poor white trash they find something illegal of some kind. Driving a POS is just as much probable cause in my home town as "driving while black" is in other areas. Since the "victims of profiling" in my home town were white and were "up to no good" nobody freaks out about it. The fact that a rich kid in his BMW he got for his 16th Birthday has a bunch of Xanax and Pot is meaningless because he comes from the right side of the tracks and won't be pulled over. Poor white trash with the same amount of drugs in a POS car would be pulled over on some BS pretext, and go down for intent to distribute. The Jessy Jacksons and Al Sharptons of the future are going to have a tough row to hoe.... suburban white kids are growing up wishing they were black. They rarely see poor black people on TV, the only black people on TV, or other media outlets are not just "not poor" they range from "rich" to "oh my GOD are you rich". It isn't just PC crap, they really wish they were as cool as the Media stars (all venues, music, TV, movies, sports) that they see every day regardless of race. With the only image of black people in the mainstream media being between rich and very rich white guilt is hard to instill into the younger people of the country, and without white guilt Jessy Jackson is out of a job. If white guilt goes away, we can get down to the real problem, poverty. Poverty regardless or race is the main cause of misery and crime. Keith PS: What is going to happen with the N-bomb? Suburban white kids growing up today sing along to their favorite songs just like you and I did... the average suburban white kid has dropped the N-bomb more times in a weekend than Paula Dean has in her entire life!
  6. He is on Lambo forums telling them how he saw a real clean early 80's Supra Keith
  7. Top notch reporting... if I was Top Gear or any other History channel show I would never film in that town again. Keith
  8. Now that the trial is over can George go back to being Hispanic? Or is he white forever now? Keith
  9. It needs to be 30" from exhaust valves on a non-turbo car, to protect the sensor from very high temperatures. You can be much closer than that with a turbocharged car. Rule of thumb is don't put it closer than a stock narrow band O2 sensor on either type of car, so in our case just down a bit from the turbo outlet is fine. Keith
  10. Lamborghini Countach. I didn't post this earlier because I thought it was a fake.... who in rural Indiana would have a Lamborghini Countach? Well, the answer is my family Doctor! I had an appointment this week and saw it in his parking spot (in winter he drives a truck), and asked him about it. 1989 25th anniversary addition. The "anniversary" addition started production in 1988 and lasted until 1990... how can you have a three year production run on an anniversary addition? Anyway, 4 valve heads, electronic fuel injection around 455 HP... Later, Keith
  11. You guys didn't waste any time baking up a new little questling! Congrats, Keith
  12. Do you like sleepers? Get a regular WRX wagon. Not into sleepers? Get a regular WRX. You can make a regular (or wagon) WRX as fast as an STi for low cost, and have a dead reliable daily driver. Keith
  13. Yup, I have the new pump already. I had planned on replacing it when I do the rear 5 lug swap. Keith
  14. That black box is on the other side of the connector from the pump... How did you pop it applying voltage to the pump? Keith
  15. Update: After charging the battery I was using as a pump tester over night, and clunking it back and forth a few times I got the pump working! Put the connector back together and the car started up on the first turn of the key Thanks for all the help trouble shooting this problem guys, this kind of support is what makes the forums great. Keith
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