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  1. I have a hard time spending more than 60 dollars on shoes...and if shoes are an extension of ones personality, then I wonder how people would view me (probably wouldn't be in a good way). I have some decent pairs of shoes, but I like to keep them clean for when I go out on special occasions. But for day to day errands and other non important things, I wear my dailys, navy blue/red puma ligas....which look wheatherbeat and like I stole off a telephone wire.
  2. Fuel Injector clinic didn't tell me which kind they were, I just wanted a pair that would work with my car, anyhow, I will buy an adjustable FPR and report back with results but that would require modifying the fuel rail. Were there any bolt on fuel pressure regulators for this car? edit: forget if its bolt on or not (although this would make it much easier), which brand FPR works best? That gauge doesn't work, my car is still a work in progress...
  3. sorry, small typo. The primary is 650cc Typo, fixed in the original post. Its a 650cc. I'm using an AEM uego wideband and its not tapped into the o2 sensor. The o2 sensor is on the downpipe behind the turbo while the wideband o2 is further down about 5 inches infront of the cat. I do have an apexi SAFCII, I tried altering fuel but it seems to run rougher no matter where I set it, so I stopped messing around with it and unplugged it and let it run on stock fuel maps, it idled and ran much better that way. I dont have an adjustable FPR, ill try that next. As for altering fuel, I have the controller to do so, but as I said before, I alter the fuel at idle to make it run a bit richer at idle to get the AFRs at 13-15 but it bounces around and runs a bit rough, and even a few misfires. Oddly, when it misfires it bounces to full lean....
  4. My AFR's like to jump around during idle and while driving, drives ok but I haven't been stomping on it, just around town cruising. Injectors are Fuel Injector Clinic 650cc/1150cc. are these afr's normal for TBI? I will record a cruising video soon.
  5. I get mad when I see posts like this...I had the money, wish I could of spent the money on a car like this despite the issues it has, but I'm stuck with what I got and now gotta deal with it. But its still a starion so there's some sort of comfort. GLWS
  6. any pics of the rear seats, bolsters & trunk interior?
  7. Haha, I sold my e36 for the starion I have now, I thought I made a bad move but now I know I'm not alone
  8. I wonder if I'm looking in the wrong place http://i461.photobucket.com/albums/qq338/steevo_102/CAM00709_zps701a7a6d.jpg http://i461.photobucket.com/albums/qq338/steevo_102/CAM00710_zpsacb7d527.jpg I see a plastic accordion that goes to the face vents but no rubber one, unless thats what you were referring to. Mines seem to be fully intact where does that vacuum line go to, from port 4 to up under the dash?
  9. ill shoot you a PM How much for the ps pump shipped to 91606? PM me I can drive down and possibly pick it up, if it doesn't leak... PM me with a price I dont have a pump or bracket, I bought my car as a shell and bought a motor and trans separate with alot of things missing in between, like the ps pump. Though I could buy a rebuild kit if I do buy a leaky ps pump. Hopefully its not too difficult to dissassemble and put it back together, I may consider this
  10. its photshopped, but its just to give you an idea of what john had in mind.. http://i177.photobucket.com/albums/w239/johnboy9788/1273457498.jpg its not a lip, but its something different original thread here: http://www.starquest...pic=106182&st=0 I tell ya, that guy is always trying to raise the bar (or is raising the bar ) here's another http://i177.photobucket.com/albums/w239/johnboy9788/sticopy.jpg just giving some visual ideas.
  11. Iooking for a power steering pump & bracket in good condition, preferably not leaking.
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