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  1. I need an oil pan for my 88 conquest. Anybody have one?
  2. Ill pay to ship windshield plus some boot for the hassle.
  3. Im stationed in jacksonville nc. If you want to meet in the middle someday and let me check out thr I will prob get it off of you. Just pm me and let me know if your ok with that. Thanks man.
  4. Ok sounds good. Ill let you know.
  5. I have a friend wanting to get into starquest he may be interested.
  6. Yeah I thought about building one but your right way to pricey.
  7. Still got the car? I would like to ride back down and do alittle bit more shopping. Lol
  8. You can buy all this cheaper from the net....
  9. I haven't lost to one yet. Im sure a sleeper will get me someday though.
  10. Not my old man ha ha he was pissed after the race lol. An I haven't found a vette that wants to play yet. Lol
  11. Ouch! Yeah lol that one would be pretty rough too. Idk our cars usually find a way to beat an old stang. Lol
  12. Ha ha yeah I think it would take alittle more then turning the boost up for that one lol.and yeah. Thats just what he calls it lol. He bought a red 88 back in the day he's just giving me hell. That was the car I road home from the hospital inwhen I was born lol.
  13. When I first bought my quest back in 08 me and my dad decided to race . This was back when my car was stock... nothing done to to it at all. So we take them right down the street (where there is a 1/4 straight away.) We both heat our tires and on the 3rd honk we jump of course he gets me of the jump and just keeps pulling. I lost by a good 2 links. Bit not this time he is about to sell his Nova so I said how about we take them back to the quarter. He didn't want to, but with alot of smack talk he couldn't yak it anymore. So I go out and turn the boost up to about 15 pounds and we head out. And just so you know this is no stock 72 nova it has was built for the quarter. We get to the end of the road. Somemore smack talk was needed alot about the old "riceburner" lol. Soo again we burn our and on the third honk we jump. And again he takes me on the jump....but that's where it stoped. Raced passed him and passed the 1/4 mark and hit the hazzerds and waved my fist out the window. It was great! I love my riceburner
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