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  1. putting in a new windsheild in and all of the top clips are good but one. can i still put my windsheild in with one clip being bad? if not what should i do? is it worth getting 1 new one
  2. HAD SAME ISSUE. BRAKE BOOSTER was FILLED with brake fluid lol
  3. selling cheap! i dont think my garbage guy would like a tranny in my trash can lol
  4. i have two trannys i need to sell and 2 flywheels that need resurfacing im sure.... one is from a 86 starion and one is from a 88 conquest i believe both have bad input shaft bearings. need to sell! both shifted really good with no pop outs or grinds. located in lakveville MN
  5. i have a 87 conquest im parting out due to an accident. motor, trans, front bumper assembly side spoilers and wheels are gone. let me know what you need. car is pretty clean and maroon interior is still in good shape
  6. looking for a front bumper support. i have the air dam and the front bumper skin. mine is rusted and falling apart. need a new one before i paint the car... pm if anyone has one !
  7. i have an extra fuel pump that i just got from a parts car. good tank too : )
  8. LOL yea just wanna make sure all is good yea know!? so pretty much just push the axle shaft all the way back into the diff and i should have no problems?
  9. the owner before be had used the stock intercooler and custom modded it. he cut the stock piping flanges off at each side on the top of the intercooler and re tig welded on new 2.5" pipe flanges to fit the intake hard pipe kit. i wanted to build another one like this and was worried that where the intercooler "pinches" together along the finned sides to the solid sides if their was some sort of gasket there that will be ruined while tig welding on new flanges. anyone have any insight on this or are familiar with how the intercooler is sealed on the edges?? of if i can start cut and tigin' away!
  10. still have intercooler? pics 952-738-1338
  11. so while installing my rear struts and springs the cv axles where its splined had pulled out from the rear diff. do i just push them back in and make sure that they are pushed in all the way when i bolt everything back together? i see that theirs a c clip on the end of the splines of the cv axle. just want to make sure everything is good when i re install. dont want to strip out the splines or ruin the rear diff. any certain way its supposed to go back together would be greatly appreciated : ) thanks!
  12. pulled out my knock sensor and under the plastic wire covering the black wire of the 2 wires was completly broken....
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