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  1. Plans are underway for the 2022 All Mitsubishi Cookout and Car Show. The All Mitsu Cookout is a once a year show for all Mitsu built vehicles. There is no car show like this anywhere and no bigger Mitsu event in the Upper Midwest! This year's event is happening on Sunday, August 28th from 11am to 4pm. It will be at Ramsey Central Park, in Ramsey, MN. This park offers a large paved parking lot and a really nice pavilion right next to the parking lot. We have a Facebook event to get info from. It is at: https://www.facebook.com/events/374018278118647 Come enjoy the day with your fellow Mitsu nuts! -Curt
  2. Here are my pics from Factory MOD: http://mn3s.org/wordpress/?page_id=2413
  3. Right now Mitsubishi is only producing the Outlander Sport at the Normal, IL plant. And it sounds a lot of those were being exported to Asia anyways. They mine as well build them in Asia at that point. Its sad that all those workers are losing their jobs and I'm sure it will hurt the rest of the economy in the Bloomington/Normal area. But it is what it is. Mitsubishi needs to figure out how to market their product in the United States. Because they've really been sucking at it for the last 10 years.
  4. There has been some talk of a few others from the Minneapolis area going down, but nothing solid yet.
  5. The 10th anniversary of Factory MOD and possibly the last MOD in the Midwest, is happening at the soon to close factory in Normal, IL. It happens on Saturday, September 26th from 9am to 1pm. More details at: https://www.mitsubishicars.com/owners/events The Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/713824375411279/ I have some pics from last year's event at: http://mn3s.org/wordpress/?page_id=1702 later, Curt
  6. Thanks to everyone that made it out to the All Mitsu Cookout on Sunday. It was a little windy and cool but it didn't stop anyone from having a good time. A big thanks to White Bear Mitsubishi for being our main sponsor again. Your cars looked great on display. We also had some prizes donated from Advance Auto Parts, Upscaled Designs and Lance Bennett. Thank you! Also thanks to my very hard working volunteers. Especially Collin, Mike and Heidi. You three were there early, worked the entire show and were the last ones there at the very end. THANK YOU all!! We had 124 fully registered Mitsus in the show. If you add the Mitsus there on display, but not registered, the total was about 140 cars. If we could get the 20+ Mitsus in the spectator lot to join us, it would be even bigger. I have the Cookout page finished with pictures from the show and pictures of the trophy winners. Enjoy: http://mn3s.org/wordpress/?page_id=2125 later, Curt
  7. Hey everyone, The All Mitsu Cookout is tomorrow! Its looking to be a little cool and breezy. I'd recommend bringing a jacket. (who knew I'd ever have to say that for the Cookout. LOL). We are at 183 sign ups right now and over 650 people on the Facebook event. Get your car sign filled out and pack a lawn chair. Also, there is some road construction to be aware of. The intersection of Hwy 10 and Armstrong Blvd is closed. You'll need to turn at the stoplight before. If you are coming from the metro that is Ramsey Blvd. If coming from the north, it is Alpine. The Game Fair last weekend was very close to the Cookout location. You can follow the detour directions they have at: http://www.gamefair.com/directions.html Also, take some time and read through the Cookout page at: http://cookout.mn3s.org Everything is on there that will help make your day tomorrow even better. Thanks, Curt
  8. Only 4 more days until the Cookout. We are up to 155 signups: http://mn3s.org/wordpress/?page_id=1180 It is not too late to get signed up and come join us for an afternoon of Mitsu fun. The All Mitsu Cookout is coming up this Sunday, the 23rd. We have some great prizes donated by Advance Auto Parts and White Bear Mitsu. We also will have plenty of food, and some fun stuff like the Mitsu trivia contest and the Slow Drags. Here are some reminders: 1) Sign-up online. The page is at: http://mn3s.org/lists/?p=subscribe&id=5 2) Fill out your car sign ahead of time. It saves a lot of time in the registration line. Download the sign at: http://www.mn3s.org/car-sign.doc And my example sign can be found here: http://www.mn3s.org/car-sign-curt.doc 3) Bring some lawn chairs for hanging out and bring your appetite! We'll have plenty of food. Also, if you are just coming to spectate, spectator cars (non Mitsus) will have parking lot next to the main lot. Its only $5 for you and your car to be in the show and eat. Why not make the trip out to Ramsey Central Park!
  9. We have 138 signed up now. The list is at: http://mn3s.org/wordpress/?page_id=1180 This is how it looks by category: 1g DSM......8 2g DSM......14 1g 3/S......7 2g 3/S......12 3g Eclipse..10 4g Eclipse..8 StarQuest...6 Evo1-9......18 EXO X.......23 Ralliart....9 Others......22 I'll be getting a lot of my supplies this weekend. So do me a favor and get signed up so I can better plan for food. Thanks, Curt
  10. Looks like we are up to 136 sign ups! It is time to start thinking about your car sign. To save time at the Cookout, you can download and fill out your car sign before the show. Just fill out everything except the car number. You'll get that at the show. Its hard to remember your mod list when you are sitting at the registration table. So do it early. Here is a link to a blank car sign: http://www.mn3s.org/car-sign.doc Here is my example sign to look at: http://www.mn3s.org/car-sign-curt.doc
  11. Only 2 weeks left! We are up to 130 sign ups. Here is the list: http://mn3s.org/wordpress/?page_id=1180 If you haven't signed up, what are you waiting for?? The sign up form is at: http://mn3s.org/lists/?p=subscribe&id=5 With the additional sales of t-shirts, and the sponsorship provided by White Bear Mitsubishi, we will be able to keep the price of the All Mitsu Cookout at $5. This includes you and your car in the show and all the food and drink. Each additional person who wants to eat is also $5 If you didn't pre-order a t-shirt and are still interested in one, I do have some extras. They will be sold for $20 a piece and will be a first come, first serve basis, on the day of the show. Thanks, Curt
  12. We are up to 120 cars signed up! Here are the finalized categories for the car show: 90-94 DSM 95-99 DSM 00-05 Eclipse/Stratus coupe 06-12 Eclipse 91-93 3/S 94-99 3/S Evo I to IX Evo X 09+ Ralliarts Starion/Conquest Other Mitsu The "Gene Helms" Cleanest Car Overall This year the 90-94 DSM, 91-93 3/S, 06-12 Eclipse and Starion/Conquest categories will just have a first place trophy. The Cleanest Car Overall is also just a first place trophy. The other categories will have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophies. Also, there is a Long Distance trophy and a trophy for the Slow Drags. I hope to have the trophies done by the end of next week. later, Curt
  13. We've got 116 signed up now. Here is the current list: http://mn3s.org/wordpress/?page_id=1180 This is how it looks by category: 1g DSM......6 2g DSM......11 1g 3/S.......6 2g 3/S......11 3g Eclipse..10 4G Eclipse..7 StarQuest...5 Evo 1-9.....17 EXO X.......20 Ralliart......8 Others......15 The 1G DSM, 1G 3/S and Starquest groups are in jeopardy of not having their own classes. I'd really like to see a few more for these groups. If you know you are coming to the Cookout, get signed up now. I'll be finalizing the show classes this week! Sign up page is at: http://mn3s.org/lists/?p=subscribe&id=5 Thanks, Curt
  14. Yikes. The 87 Van was Harvey. I hope he didn't pass away. But I'm not in contact with him, so I have no idea. That van is super cool. Someone needs to go to Derek's house and fix one of his 2 StarQuests.
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