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  1. Hey ,I am interested in the turbo , will it fit on my stock Manifold or will I need your manifold?? I also need an ECU from an 88 or 89 I have a 87 conquest TSI w/ 56K orig. The way I read it you are not willing to ship anything like the motor? Right ? well I do also need the bottom part of the front bumper I am not sure what they are called I could also use some of the miner intierior parts.. like the little triangle piece from the pass door that sets right behind the mirror and the ecu cover /or the pass side kick panel (that covers the ECU) I am also looking for an upgrade head for my car (upgrade from stock) if anyone has a nice susp.upgrade for my conquest TSI I would like to take a look at that also.. This is my daily driver but I am looking for 300 hp at the wheels I just hade the stock turbo Prof. rebuilt and it runs real stron aslong as yopu don't try to flor it , when you do mash it it back fires and it just is not as fast as I know it should be dose anyone have any ideas ??????? it does run smooth starts, idles and runs gret but when you floor it, it just don't hjave the power it should .... PS when I got it it had a high out put fuel pump in the back of the car. the guy I got the car from was the father of the owner who died just weeks after he had a restoration job done. any who , it seems to back fire and fall on it's face when you try to mash the fuel if you keep the turbo guage at 7 or below you can feel the power but just not the RAW POWER I know this car has it ANY HELP????? PLEASE Conquest sniper P.S. Please pass this on to anyone who may have an answer for me or might be able to help PLEASE<PLEASE>PLEASE
  2. I looking for the front dam or the lower front body piece just under the bumpera?? if anyone has one I would really like to hear from you????
  3. Hey ,I need a radiadtor for an /87 w/intercooler does the one you have match that???? Conquest sniper please reply ASAP
  4. Fresh rebiult turbo, New clutch 56K orig. on 87 Conquest w/intercooler. car set for awhile after owner passed away.. starts and idles great, if you give it moderate fuel it seems to run fairly strong , not boosting as it should (I am a newbie as a turbo owner) give it full throttle and it flutters and I guess you would say falls on its face. It did boost up properly once ealier tody and it was damn near scary (IT WA GREAT) OH, I need a radiator for an 87 conquest w/intercooler ASAP If anyone can help w/any of these situations I would be very greatful THANK YOU Conquest Sniper/Conquest
  5. Hey,I need a radiator for 87 wide body w/intercooler please tell me you can help???????????? Conquest Indy
  6. Flat B I need a radidator w/intercooler mount for an 87 wide body can you help????????
  7. I just aquired an 87 conquest TSI w/56K act put a clutch in it and just do not have the power it shouild the turbo dose not seem to be boosting as it should and it seems to have a slight knockm in the front of the motor DAD from the club site says it sounds like uit could be the Balance Shafts and one ooption is to remove them as a start due to the knock sen that will retard the timeing if a knock is detected the car runs and wuill only give a slight knock when you put it in gear and let out on the clutch I did pull the front tube off the turbo and the fins seem to be moving freely with no unwanted movements IE side to side,back and forth,whatever I have been around cars ALL my life and worked on them all from builds on my 68 Mustang Cali GT to 70 dodge demon 340 six pack, many corrvetts and so on but I am a newbie to the jap market I have only had a 90 300 ZX and still own it and slowly doing a Q45 4.5 alu. V8 motor and trans swap but right now I am wanting to get this TSI done more than ANYTHING I just put a new clutch in and found out that it i9s not running right I bought this car for $1200.00 told it was perfect by the father of a man who had died after paying MANY thousands of dollars for off frame resoration that was in NO WAY needed but the guy loved this car if ANYONE can help me get started on this pleasze help should I take the BS's out of this w/ the motor in the car or take the motor out? I would like to get this car runnin ASAP(running properly t5he carwill start and run no prob) it just does not have the [power it should have please ,PLEASE<PLEASE HELP the newbie if anyone lives in Indiana and knows these cars I would pay THANK YOU Conquest Sniper Ph#317-529-8459 or 317-241-1230 DEAN
  8. -I need the front lower body piece I am not sure what it is called but if you can -help THANKS please let mr know price 317-5298459 Dean
  9. Turbo and manifold and the temp controlled two prong vaccum that is mounted right in the head on the driver side I'll give you 15.00 for just the vac part adn 2bones fdor the other. conquest Sniper 317-529-8459 Dean
  10. I would like to remove the balance shafts can anyone out there give me a step by step instructions on how to do this??? Conquest Sniper
  11. I have an 87 conquest TSI w?56 K actual, I thought it had a slight rod knock but was told that it sounds more like a balance shaft knock It is also NOT boosting correctly but the turbo bearing are moving freely and I don't believe there is anything wrong with the turbo...ANY IDEAS I CAN CHECK?? PLEASE HELP I love this car and it looks like fresh off the show room floor I just want to get it running like it should and then I will work on Tuerbgo upgrades and head work to add power Thank you Conquest Sniper
  12. Hey I may be interested in a trade, I have a 1999 S10 step side looks brand new inside and very nice out it has almost new tires and fact CD, AC rear slider and bed cover alloy wheels NON-smoker 4.3 VORTEX V6 and 5 sp manual trans w good cluths was ownen by a man i his late 50's early sixtys ... I already have a 87 conquest tsi w/56k actual miles and I am looking fo a rood right now when I came across your ad please give me a call at 317-529-8459- ASAP so we can atleast talk thank you Dean McMullen
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