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  1. Well in the SQ group chat, thats just a fb message with ton of people, everyone uses their nickname and you can click on them to see who they are lol
  2. It is what web archive was able to scrape (should be most posts too). I paid for it a few years ago and was finally able to get it to be useable. There are 2 downsides though, 1) if the picture required to be logged in like attached to the post, it wont have it. 2) other photos tend to be photobucket and a lot of been deleted and/or may be deleted. Ideally need to use an extension to view them without watermark and save them. I believe I can edit any of the pages that are on this read-only copy. I should be able to replace linked images with a uploaded copy directly into it. (have not made this venture yet lol)
  3. I believe long before the big crash I had offered to possibly host it at my work (if my boss gave approval) I have some of the SOS saved to http://starquest.winchesterwireless.com that is just running on my home NAS (read only, accounts don't work)
  4. Facebook is not what pushed everyone away, it was how often the site crashed, then to add toppings, the worst crash (or server cut off?) when several years of data was lost. The forum was always better than FB, but the site going down all the time pushed people away. Now there is 1,904,304 different SQ groups on FB from everyone making their own groups (typically after being banned from one) and I doubt you will get anyone to return at this point due to the simplicity of just using FB vs a forum.
  5. 0, there are no cylinders. they have 2 combustion chambers though, and 4 sources of ignition
  6. thats what i ran, but quick shifting and WOT shifting it slipped like a mofo (on the hx40 mpi setup)
  7. i had a bad connection in the starter solenoid connector before
  8. if hoses are unhooked, you are either plumbed for 7psi, 10psi, or unlimited psi. there is no hose that would turn off boost. unless its a vw lol
  9. my diesel swap seemed to run better after adding the flex (at the time was 5 speed) but i think it was because it didnt have enough load on the engine Winter is here, i need to remove the flex fan lol
  10. I never did a headgasket "job" on mine, I pulled the head to replace valve seals, used a new gasket to put it back on I spiked 30+ on my hx35 when the wastegate hose popped off, didn't pop the gasket (broke ringlands I found out next day, cheap aftermarket pistons) Ran 24psi daily and constantly, including towing a station wagon up a steep as mountain, that's on the billet hx40 Never overheated or popped anything
  11. What color? Black is to much fuel for the air, white is low compression and to much fuel Generally stuck injectors will smoke white, looks like a blown headgasket.
  12. was it smoking? lean wont damage anything on diesel, rich will melt stuff
  13. 215 shouldnt have hurt it, the question is, what were the EGT's? my mitsu diesel has seen 235 a few times already maintaining 1000 egt up mountains (not as bad now after changing some things)
  14. it will fit, but will need to be sleeved for a 20g wheel.
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