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  1. Whats lowest cash. I'd be willing to drive from Alabama if it is possible to fit everything in truck and trailer. PM me if need be, cash in hand.
  2. Welcome back homie. Car is looking good, and love the hood.
  3. Glad to see my car finally coming back together.
  4. Getting a mk4 supra that has been wrecked.. Anyone close to Alabama have a 2jz swap car that could help me? P.s sellerfeller I hope your jelly. Thanks
  5. I got 4,500, a diesel, and a trailer if you still want to sell it.. Let me know, thanks.
  6. Picked up my old red car today for a really cheap price.. thought the transmission was bad but it quit making the noise when I bought it.. In need of springs/shocks and a passenger side torque arm(?) I think. 12a for now, 20g come next weekend because I'm stealing my fathers parts.. lmao
  7. You busy tomorrow? Ill be up that way meeting my mom, I'd like to look at it
  8. Wt.. as soon as we get our dyno hooked up.. Ill be on this list.
  9. Looking for a roller to put my motor in.. Wanting it to be close to N Alabama.. I've got to out-do my dad, and really wanting a white, or black one, but I won't discriminate. Atleast let it be one color? Let me know what you have.. I'll bring cash.
  10. All 98-02 T/A/Camaros are ram air, the WS6's just have a bigger air lid and the hood isn't even functional.
  11. Sorry it's taking me so long to reply. I haven't been near the car, and trying to sell it as a whole before I part it out.. I'm getting close to parting it out, and when/if I do randy has dibs if he is interested in it when I get him pictures.
  12. Looking to trade my marnel head + HKS cam for a stock head + cash.. http://www.starquestclub.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=98258&hl=%22marnel+head%22&fromsearch=1 Head probably has 25k miles on it now, if that I am being safe by saying it. Does not have the black valve cover anymore, comes with ugly yellow one. Can get pictures on demand, car is at friends house. Will also sell for $1,000 shipped. 256-810-3632 Ask for Greg Thanks.
  13. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=388893021167945 I don't guess the quality is that great.. but yeah, he gets the hit and i just pull him hard.
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