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  1. Still wanted. Please don't offer if you cant ship it to Estonia. Thank you
  2. And i think that everyone can understand it wont happen without working gearbox. Has anyone fitted bmw gearbox by welding starion bellhousing to it? 6 speed seems to be too long. At the moment there is one 900nm e34 550 that is using 3.0d 5 speed gearbox and seems to be holding fine. I will get that old gearbox out next month and then i can take measurements.
  3. Hi I have searched for answer, but haven't found correct one for starion transmission swap. Car has about 500hp at the moment, plan is to crank it up to 800hp. That is from the engine. I managed to broke my original fully restored gearbox yesterday. There ain't much starions in baltic, so cutting body isnt an option. Is there any stronger gearboxes that will fit without cutting? Many other cars use bmw 530d 6 speed manual from e39 body. I also had that plan, to cut off both gearbox bellhousing and weld starion housing to bmw gearbox. Looking forward for new suggestions.
  4. Hi My left door window seal is almost gone and i need new one. Sad thing is that i cant find new one. Not single company is willing to send me this part to Estonia. At the moment im looking for part that has survived in very good condition or new one. Can anyone help me? It is 71046L from the picture. Lower window outside seal. http://www.partsbase.org/media/images/mitsubishi/ab/ab43dc1f6af991a939b28832db7ae093.png
  5. It seems that LSD is on its way by now. Also I need rear drive shafts. I dont know really how its called. New ones. Maybe someone can guide me to right shop.
  6. Im looking for limited slip differential for my 89 starion. If i can fit lsd in my stock diff, then im just looking for a lsd unit only. Seller should be able to ship it to Estonia. Thought that it already had one, but just checked and sadly not. Just to show what im building. http://www.hot.ee/estravel/IMG_9223v.jpg My email: estravel@hot.ee Thank you.
  7. Yes, thats what i meant.
  8. Thanks for the fork, it was missing the bearing holder, but i made new one. Here is one picture what it looked like before i installed gearbox. http://www.upload.ee/image/3679791/IMG_0400.JPG
  9. How could this intake work, if the injector is spraying the fuel on the wall? Injector tip has to be in the runner, not 3-4cm from it. Have you done flow test with the injectors working? From the pictures it seems that the fuel will drip in to the runner and then will run along the wall in to cylinder.
  10. Hi Im building starion and when i started to complete assembly tis january, i discovered that gearbox mechanic had lost my clutch fork. So my project went on hold till now. I planned to install bmw 3.0 diesel gearbox, cause it is harder, but im planning to move and i need to get car assembled. I have ordered all max performance parts from racetep and new head got new ports in finland, where is one of the best drag motor mechanic. I hope that i can make at least one race with original gearbox, then i will get the motivation back and install bmw one for better power handling. So is there anyone who can ship me clutch fork with decent price to Estonia? Thank you
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