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  1. actualy looking forward to it. been wanting to do this project for a while. if everything works than i hope to sell the kit for about the same as you would get any other turbo kit but give a whole new option to forced induction.
  2. yes that is a idea and very simular to what i want to create BUT It would be alot bigger than what i want. I'm also trying to create a new product and the cost to build each unit would tripple if i used a prochager.
  3. so yeah if anyone has a burned up turbo sitting around (really doesnt matter what kind but the bigger the better although i can still do it with a small turbo) I would really appreciate it and would do my best to make it worth their donation.
  4. besides who wouldnt love to flip a switch and hear a turbo/super charger spin up like mad max.
  5. well i've been playing around with a few ideas since i would have to step up the rpm 80x i could use a simple gear cluster but that might create to much parasitic loss for a 2hp motor so i've checked into a 4 to 1 gear reduction at the turbine shaft then i just have to step it up 20 times and that might be possible with a chain drive from the motor to the simple gear cluster at the turbine less drag then going complete gear driven a 10 tooth gear at the cluster and a 200 tooth at the motor plus thinking about using a slip gate at the connection between the chain and gear pack so when the electric motor is shut off it doesnt try and do a instant stop to the compressor assembly and gear cluster that could cause excessive wear on the system.
  6. I'm currently looking at this as a drive motor http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-OHIO-2HP-1800-RPM-24VDC-56C-D-48-MOUNT-TEFC-ELECTRIC-MOTOR-/291390183440?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item43d8355810 combine that with a gearing system this should work perfectly. normaly i would look for a 100 % duty cycle motor but since it is unlikly someone will be on boost for longer than 10 minutes at a time it should work fine.
  7. your right most turbo's need to spin to 120 thousand rpm for max boost. this can be done with a high torque motor (probably a 24 volt motor) and a transmission. when finished this would require the gear cluster to have a oil feed like a normal turbo. the big advantages to this system verses a standard turbo is of coures the elimination of turbo lag and reduced temps in the turbo since it won't have exhuast gases passing through it and the final design will have a controller that will read off the throttle position sensor, engine rpm and a preasure transducer so you will be able to fully map the boost curve and set whatever preasure you want. My plans for the final product will be to use a massive turbo maybe a garret of a powerstroke. the idea is that if i'm working on turbo's for 2.0l to 5.7l engines is that buy using a turbo designed to feed a much larger engine i can then reduce the final rpm and increase adjustability but i first need to prototype a working gear cluster that can withstand the speed and load required.
  8. instant boost fully electronic boost control. just think if you had 15 psi right after 1200 rpm that lasts all the way to 7000.
  9. anyone have any blown turbo's? looking for ones that have bad seals, bearings or destroyed exhuast. just need a few good compressor housings and turbines for a electric turbo project.
  10. looking to play with the idea of building a actual electric turbocharger. (not one of those bs kits you find on ebay) looking for any and all cheap to free turbo's to cut apart and rebuild only thing i need is a good compressor housing and turbine.blown seals, bearings and melted exhuast housings are ok since I will just be throwing that stuff out anyways. After i get a turbo to play with i'll put together a thread on the build if anyone is interested in seeing it.
  11. yes i have a thermostat housing I modifiel the turbo coolant fitting to plug it since i was running a garret turbo. just unscrew the plug and screw in a barbe fitting and it's buisness as usual.
  12. it's a black on grey interior the a pillars are in good shape but i modifield the drivers side. It now has a molded single gauge pod in it.
  13. i'll be home at 6:30 both of those days. so yeah either would be fine.
  14. btw i have a entire flatty to part out in hilton head/ bluffton area. it's only a couple hour drive from charleston.
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