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Posting Pictures 101


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I know most of you know how to post pics into your posts/replies but for the people that dont, here is a quick walk-thru that will hopefully be of help.


First, you will need an account here at SQC, second, you will need an account at photobucket.com or some other picture hosting site(I prefer photobucket over imageshack.com but they are basically the same). Last, although it is not required, a photo editing software is VERY helpful. You can resize, crop, touch-up, put your head on a muscular body, ect.. your picture as well as many other things. When an image comes directly from a digital camera it is usually very large in size. It is very annoying to have to use the scroll bars to see an entire image. A good size is around 11" wide by 8" high or so. When resizing, constrain the proportions and only change one number so your photo doesnt look stretched or squashed(the photos in this post are 8X6 for referance). Also, the resolution of the photograph does not need to exceed 72dpi... that is all a monitor can display. The higher resolution is for printing only. Having your picture the correct size and resolution is benefitial to the viewer and helps the page load faster.


These are the steps I go through when I post pictures:


Come up with an interesting topic of discussion(such as posting pictures) and start a new thread or reply to an existing one. Posting pictures can enrich your thread immensly especially if it is something being sold.




Youll notice 3 things in the prior pic... SQC is the main tab in my browser, Photobucket.com is the secondary tab and I have photoshop open as well.

Ill open the picture in photoshop and resize it to something acceptable. Save the photo as a .jpg and name it something recognizable. Also....remember where you are saving it to your computer. I usually save to the desktop and delete it after its been uploaded to Photobucket. You may not want to delete it so just save it in a place you will remember such as a folder called "Images to Upload" or something similar. Here is the folder I created on my desktop to store the photos I will soon upload. It can be anywhere on your computer- just remeber exactly where!






Once you photo is resized and saved, you will go to your Photobucket account(or similar photo hosting site) on the secondary tab of the browser so you can upload your image for the site to "host" it. Click on the "browse" button to select the image to be uploaded, navigate to the folder they are saved in, and hit ok. The image name will appear in the "choose an image" field then simply hit "UPLOAD".






The image will appear as small thumbnails with 3 data fields underneath it. If you left click on the first field the url will be copied and entered into the clipboard of your computer(a feature I find very helpful for saving alot of keystrokes but were basically copying the text in the first data field).




Once the URL is copied into the clipboard flip back to the SQC tab(the page you are typing your post/reply on) and paste(Ctrl+V) the URL on its own line. Highlight the text you just pasted-be sure to get the entire address- and click on the Img button from the row of text options. The URL should end up looking like this "".




Hit preview post to see if the image appears(if not theres typically a weird space somewhere). Once everything is to your liking, submit your post/reply! Easy as that.


****when resizing your pics**** If your reducing the size of your precious family photos or something that you dont have a back-up of...select the "save as.." button when saving and save it as a different file than the original image. Once the size is reduced(and saved) you wont be able to enlarge it again without it distorting.

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not everyone is signed up for photobucket - so imageshack.us is VERY handy ( it gives you an option to resize it to forum size with links and all sorts - very user friendly, even inclued the html's etc for everything )


very helpful write up though :D

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