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Miscellaneous engine parts, manifolds, injectors, cheapo 16G and more


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I have some extra engine parts I need to shed.  

Cheapo 16G turbo, it came with my car but I never ran it, the wastegate setup is rigged, spins free, $75+plus shipping $50 with manifold

87 primary and secondary injectors $250(for the pair).  I have cleaned these and tested these on my injector test machine.  I will test these on my 87 conquest before I make a final sale, those results are pending.  

I can clean and test injectors, have revived two dead sets so far.  PM me to discuss

I have more extra G54B stuff just ask.

PM me or email at Clamb12 at the gmail for pictures.  

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Sorry I Just saw this.  I do not have a ready to go short block, but I have enough pieces to build one for sure.  I have 2 short blocks, one assembled, one not.  The one that is assembled has a bad crank, the one that is taken apart has a good crank but the block bores are ugly due to rust.  I don't know that I would want to mess with shipping all of it.  I would let it all go for $200 and that includes whatever I have left in my storage unit that fits a conquest.  There is some interior pieces, and a few other odds and ends the guy who bought my car couldn't take.  

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