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Stuck fuel filter


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Hello starquest community, I am new to this car and my 87 been sitting for awhile. I planned on flushing the whole fuel system, replacing fuel filters, testing the pump, blowing out the old lines, and putting it all back together. My bolts on top and bottom will not budges and causes the whole filter to spin in the bracket, could you guys give me any wisdom or tricks. I had considered just putting in my own system but I wouldn't know where to start looking for parts and fittings. Preferably I would like to get the bolts off as a whole new fuel system would be quite expensive

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If you are talking about the filter under the hood, follow the line on the bottom of the filter back towards the fuel tank and you will find a connector approx. 1-2 feet down the line. Take it apart there and take the filter out with the line. Put the filter in a vice and you should be able to loosen the bolt then.


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