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87’ Conquest TSI in Snohomish


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Picked this up a few weeks ago. Bought it from. LocL guy who has it for 20 years in his garage. Hasn’t run since 2016. 

Hoping this could be a nice father daughter/son winter project. It turns over but won’t start unless I feed it with mass airflow cleaner. 

Oil smells like gas and when I pulled plugs it’s running rich. Fuel injector was dumping fuel so I sourced and so installed the Southbay Fuel injectors. Tank was bone dry and fuel pump is working. 

Thinking of changing fuel filters x 2 and then maybe new fuel pump. I can replace plugs, wires, cap, and rotor. 

What else should I check??


appreciate all the help!!

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I'm trying to understand the overall problem you are having.  It sounds like that once you get it running, its running fairly decent, although rich?   So obviously it is getting fuel.   Your problem with the cold start is electronics.  Focus in on your TPS and ISC/MPS...specifically that TPS.  Do a reset on these per the instructions in the FAQ.   If things aren't checking out, you may have an issue with either of these components.  The FSM has detailed procedures on how to test them independently.   Also, check your CTS.   

How do the wires on the TPS look right where they enter the sensor?  If they are frayed badly, you may want to immediately look for a replacement.  

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Hey, mine's reportedly from Snohomish. Long way from home.

If you do end up replacing the fuel pump, it probably wouldn't hurt to take care of the screen filter that's on the end of the fuel pickup tube in the tank. Not sure where else to get it, but I just got a couple from Randy (goes by Dad here), he may have some more.

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