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Front pusher fan not working

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Hi new member here I have 86 starion esir(6/86 prod date). I wired the primary and secondary radiator fan to come on same time and those work fine . Will the pusher fan work with his mod?Tested the pusher fan wires and there is 12volt power when triggered but it is a weak negative signal notenough to spin the fan. Fan works fine when 12v is applied direcly. Thnks to all great site here and did all my fixes using this site.
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This is from UCW458:


Next to the aircan there are 3 relays shrouded in rubber. 2 on one bracket and one by itself. The 2 together are rad fan relays. Connect the thick green wire from one relay to the black with yellow stripe from the other. Don't cut them just splice them together. I suggest using crimp on splices that just clamp to an existing wire. Then wrap the splice tightly to prevent water from getting it.



After splicing them together all 3 fans will turn on at the same time.




Same mod I use on my blue Conquest.

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You are connecting the same 2 wires whether you do it at the relays or at the bottom of the radiator. I suggest people do it at the relays because it keeps the splice away from rain, snow and salt.


The relays trigger the ground not battery +. The condenser fan relay is next to the battery on the relay tree. You can check there for a bad relay. Also check all your grounds. The ground for that relay is ground #10. It's located next to the battery behind the metal cover for the main relay box. It will be under that relay box. You have to take the battery out to get to it.

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