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FS stock motor and spare parts lot


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Edit: selling off some of my spare starquest parts

Auto trans, 73k miles. includes flex plate, cooler, converter, etc

2 stamped pan manual transmissions, missing random sensors, but shift good

Spare jet valve head, partially disassembled

spare intake manifold

spare timing cover

A/c parts. condenser, compressor, lines

88+ ecu's

1 quest maf, 1 dsm maf

extra front mount intercooler

2 12a turbos in rebuildable shape just need cleaned

1 12a for parts

a box of extra small sensors

I have lots of DSM parts as well to pick through including 7 bolt 4g64 narrowblock, 6 bolt 4g63t, 4g63t head, etc.


























I'm not sure where to start on a price for everything so I'll just say reasonable offer.




PM me on here. Open to offers.


Thanks for the space,


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I think your best bet would to be sell it in pieces. Not many people need or have the cash and space for a lot like this. But there's plenty people who need certain pieces. You'd get more responses for sure. just my input.


- Charles

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I think you have two stock ones and a bigger one if I'm looking at that second picture right. Would you take $80+shipping for the stock ones? For the bigger one, how much work did it take to mount it to the car. I don't have access to tools or a shop right now so I'm not sure about it... Do kinda want it though. Edited by AshyBone
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Well I just did some math and it doesn't look like I'll have enough on my next pay check. Might be able to get it on my next pay check though. I'll have to let you know. But out of curiosity, the DSM's have side mount intercoolers right? Are those the ones your selling too?
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