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6 bolt cv axle boots

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with all this talk about boot replacement no one mentioned that if the joint was makeing noise before it most likely will soon again ,

the main reason other then boots tearing and grease geting slung out is not enought grease,, the bellows ahould be almost full of grease also,, this causes the grease to move as the boot rotates and changes size, makeing turns , the grease is pushed arround inside the joint there by always keeping grease pushed into the cups and balls

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On 7/27/2013 at 4:48 PM, BC_99 said:

So Kev, Your write up doesn't show the inner side disassembled? Is this not a possibility?




That side doesn't come apart...well at least not without destroying the axle. So all you are left to do is to clean it up good and re-lubricate. Cleaning is tough on this joint, I just used paper towels and just a little bit of water with mild dishwater detergent. Try not to use mineral spirits or another form of solvent....any solvent that goes up in that joint that doesn't flash/evaporate cause harm....the grease won't stick to the joint. I used mineral spirits on the other side because it can be fully assembled and you can guarantee that the solvent flashes prior to assembly. After cleaning the inner joint, I placed a rag around it and heavily masked the joint prior to further work on the axle. Be very careful that you do not get any foreign debris in the joint!


Shelby's response reminded me of something that I forgot to share and is almost impossible to capture in photos.. When you install the boots; Prior to installing the bands, I carefully push a small dowel up under the axle shaft side of the boot. This is to allow a path for the trapped air in the boot to escape...squeeze the boot slightly to let out the air and then pull out the dowel. Then twist the axle around to move the grease within the joint and bellows boot. As shelby mentioned, it is very important to get the entire area greased including the boot section.




EDIT:  I was incorrect in this post.  The inner joint is able to be disassembled.  Johnnywadd had a thread showing how to do it (the thread is gone) but I believe there is a circlip hidden up in the joint similar to the hub side that will allow it to be taken a part.    Hopefully somebody can re-create a thread showing the steps

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