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SQ Quick 20 list Updated

Funky Phil

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SQ Quick 20





If anyone would like to apply please post up the following:


Timeslip or video with timeboard.

If you send video please include 60ft & 1/8mi ET/MPH


And mods required to fill the fields on the tracker.


screenname/intake setup/turbo/boost/tires/transmission/spray/




You must be quicker then the T-Racing "Free mods" Quest to make the list. The list is full so youll have to bump people off to make it in. King of the Hill type deal.


Good Luck


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Hey Bud, how ya been??? Old red still holding up strong for ya?!

no no no no no, you save that video for a later date! hahahahaha was it you or me that did that? I think it was me. It did some wierd stuck in gear thang. Say hello to Mt Lemon for me!



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2 Adds take the #1 & #2 spots!! Can you believe we have a 9 second field!?!?!


Joe cuts 2 10ths and is on the verge of capturing 5th from the long standing EIP team!!!


My slow poke 5 speed also advances.


2 Mores victims bumped off the bottom. The list is about to be emptied of all the 13sec field!!


The SQ's are getting quick!

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The SQ Quick 20 will be going away in favor of a better system.




If you are not already loaded in the 26liter.us garage, do so. That will give the ability to add all your car mods / dyno charts / and drag times. It will then sort and update automatically.



And now you can be happy that you wont be bumped off the list for failing to evolve......

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lol, failing to evolve. It's hard to maintain a spot on the list from 6000 miles away.


typical response from a slow car.........

Fyi, your 450whp MPI E85 car was pushed off the list by tbi cars....

Dont take it out on your fighting chickens

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