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Low Compression across the board especially on 3

27 February 2020 - 05:55 PM

Well I've got 120,120, 95-100,110 on this bad girl.
M27 head, Ajusa HG,ARP everything, Forged Wiseco's 040, and only 10psi boost on a 19C

I thought I had a lazy lifter at #3 because she would tap a little bit until warmed up.
Turns out when I pressurized #3 cyl the air was coming back out of #4's spark plug hole.
I'm putting my money on a blown hg or a cracked head. Plugs look a little coolant tinted. On cold startups I could see the faint sign of whitish coolant looking exhaust but it always smelled like fuel; considering she idles between 12.2-12.7 that's really the only place I could get a smooth idle.

Never ran hot previously, but during initial setup of stand alone ecu I had the global fuel constant too high and got starter kickback too many times before I got it right but it always missed a bit initially until a minute and then it ran fine.
I'm hindsight I probably had too much fuel and possibly hydro locked it oil never had coolant in it but I did notice a loss of coolant over time.
I'll keep everyone posted as to what I find when I pull the head off.
Stay tuned!

First startup on stock TBI with MS3X

16 January 2020 - 11:22 AM

This morning I finished wiring everything, and setup the ECU to run the Conquest on 2 secondary injectors. I'm running wasted spark through the MS3X and a 4 tower coil the fuel is through two secondarys.She starts, idles and warms up but definitely needs tuning. At least the timing is dead nuts though!
When I finish with this mod I'll be running an mpi from Gato. When that happens I'll have tons of stuff for sale for any of you folks who need stock SQ parts!

It's been a real reward. I'll be leaning on the community for tips amd experience in the days to come. Special Thanks to Scott for his experience!

MS3X Wasted Spark. Need advice.

12 January 2020 - 04:09 AM

Good morning SQer's!
I'm having a problem setting up my MS3 for direct coil control.
I'm in phase one of my Megasquirt project, which is running the stock system while I wait on Gato to finish the intake.
I'm setting up the MS3X  (firmware 1.5 1) V 3.57, to run the stock TBI with a 32-1 wheel and a ford crank sensor (new).

I can't get the coil to fire.
I have the ignition settings at toothed wheel.
3 skipped pulses, rising edge,spark at going high, and wasted spark for the coil.
The coil is a 4 tower NGK coil (U2005) for a Ranger.
There is 12v key power (fused) on the coil at the middle terminal, and coming from the MS3X connector I have Spark A on coils 1,4 & Spark B is on coils 2,3.

Under test settings I checked the outputs of Spark A & B, and I'm only getting up to less than a volt rising and descending. If I play around with the dwell time I can get about 2 volts on the meter.

MS3X does direct coil control without the EDIS module.
Shouldn't I be seeing a 5V switching signal on spark A and B? Could anyone help me here? I'm sure its something stupid, but it's really slowing me down.