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Inputshaft bearing R/R

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#1 Mark_T


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Posted 27 September 2003 - 11:17 PM

Since I have been saying that the input shaft bearing shouild be replaced hear is how to do it without tearing the trany apart.
First clean the inside of the bealhousing
Next remove T/O bearing , arm, and remove the cover over the inputshaft.
Remove the snapring that holds the bearing on the shaft.
Now tap on the shaft until the shaft bottoms out about 1/4 inch
Then pull the shaft up , this will bring the bearing with it .  Now I use small pieces of angle iron and slip them under the outer snap ring on the bearing.  
Then tap on the shaft again until it bottoms again,  about 1/2 inch or a little more .  
Keep doing this process until the bearing is off the shaft.
To instal clean shaft and put some anti size on it then in stall the bearing .  I use a piece of pipe that is yust big enought to fit over the shaft.
Remeber to instal the outer snap ring as not all manufactures supply the bearing with one.  
Tap the bearing down untill it bottoms and you can put the inner snap ring back on.
put  the cover , T/O bearing and arm back on , and you are ready to put it back in the car.
I usually buy these bearings at a bearing supply house like Besco they usually have a better price.
Have fun
Mark T

#2 Guest_Paul87Quest_*

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Posted 20 October 2003 - 09:28 AM

While this procedure may work for some transmissions, in my experience I could not get either of the two trannys I have to budge. The bearing is simply on the shaft too tight. I had a mini sledge and pounded with all my might, and they both would not move (and yes, I took the lock rings off). Mike C has also posted that even the machine shop had problems getting his input shaft bearing off.

My advice before buying the bearing is to try to get the old one out first, then buy the bearing, as I think it is more common that these are beyond "tapping on the input shaft".....more like "take 5 ton hydraulic press".

My 2.6 cents..... :-/

#3 Guest_Paul87Quest_*

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Posted 27 October 2003 - 02:56 PM

Update: Got mine off, but needed a special bearing puller to get it off...and it was reluctant to come off...took some elbow grease and time.

#4 TMeitz


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Posted 28 November 2003 - 07:09 AM

Mark_T,  You describe it perfectly.  When I use to do input shaft bearings years ago on chevy and ford manuals trans, that is exactly how we did it. and on the very hard ones we would apply heat. Never had one we couldn't do.   TMeitz

#5 ZPI28


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Posted 03 December 2003 - 12:31 AM

Great info Mark, I have the stock 87 tranny out of my car that needs this done. Ill get it out and try it. It only had 51k miles on it, problem happened when I put in ATF without the additive. I know run a ATF,Gear oil mixture with no problems. I have a 88 tranny now..

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#6 Technology



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Posted 04 January 2004 - 06:32 PM

i had a shop put in my ACT clutch and pressure plate, and my stock pilot bearing had frozen and started grinding away at the input shaft. i had them just put the new bearing on, and it clicks when i engage or disengage the clutch.

so, it's a good idea to replace that bearing before it becomes a more expensive problem.
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#7 armygreen11



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Posted 19 July 2004 - 12:17 AM

What are the symptoms of the input shaft bearing going bad? Is it a whine in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th? If not, what causes that?

#8 Professor Quest

Professor Quest

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Posted 26 July 2004 - 10:17 AM

Army, Sorry I forgot to answer this for you on VM (which is a better place for this question because it will be seen by more members) Your problem could also be the PILOT BEARING. Pull the trans and use your finger to spin the pilot bearing. If it feels rough..........that is your problem. Yes.......the input bearing can also cause this as well as the other trans bearings. I would take it to a couple of trans shops and let them hear it. It's pretty tuff to nail down a bad bearing in a trans without taking it apart. I think the factory upgraded the rear main shaft bearing in 88 because they tend to fail. wink.gif Shelby is pretty good with transmissions.

#9 T_sandman



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Posted 17 November 2004 - 01:36 AM

So this is a bearing in the tranny and not the input bearing correct? Do you happen to have the bearing part # and manufacturer? ntn maybe?


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