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    Things like SHP listing but none SHP car may of hurt it as well and other small things in the comments
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  5. Hi Steve, what condition are your torque tubes in? Are the splines in good shape? I’m looking to grease mine and may replace but could also use a spare. What would you sell one for? Thanks
  6. Great, thanks for that, just gathering all information for when I take mine apart. Yes, the machine shop thing is what I was referring to group buy.
  7. Ok. So it appears there is nothing inside the extension shaft, it should mate directly to the flange (coupling) that is attached to the differential.
  8. A while back there was a group purchase topic which I cannot find; it was for a no longer available coupling. I believe the consensus is that if worn it can cause the rear end clunk that some of us hear. My question is: is this the same item offered at MKS Motorsports here? https://mksmotorsport.com/product/pre-order-torque-tube-flange-male-pinion-side/ Below is one of the posts dealing with this issue: In the first picture the part appears to be attached to the differential. Looking at the TT, is there a coupling in there or are the spline part of the TT? Thanks
  9. Thanks for that. One of the lugs did spin years ago, but I remember having to go to a shop to have the nut removed, luckily it was easy with the impact drive. Also had a welder fix the shoulder on the lug. It’s all coming back. I believe that is why they are between hub and rotor, believing they were to hold the lugs. So looks like dual purpose. I will move them.
  10. Thanks kev So C clips are on the wrong spot (between the hub and the rotor) I’ll move them to keep things honest. Bearings may not need replacing if my finding of rotor rubbing against clip holds true. I’ll watch it for a while.
  11. I believe these are NLA but can parts be found to rebuild? Also, how to tell if you have Hydraulic or Gas damper type? Thanks
  12. Thanks for the pictures, these are great. On page 2-10 of the manual it shows the C clip I refer to above and officially called here Snap ring to be at the disc. On my car they are on the hub, clipped to the lugs as they exit, which is correct? Thanks
  13. It appears the rotor was rubbing against a clip for one of the pads; the only way for this to happen is if the rotor is not properly seated. If the rotors were held down with screws I could be sure. Also, one of the C clip for the lug was not on the lug, it was stuck against the hub. Anyway, I took it out for a while and no noise, I’ll keep checking since it didn’t do it every time, but more times than not.
  14. Good point, I’ll have to take a closer look at the brakes. Figure bearings are inexpensive so I’d try process of elimination. Couldn’t think what else it could be. Thanks
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