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  1. Yeah it probably only sold about 6 years ago
  2. I think mine was an actual leak, way too much water in there to be condensation. I did drain it and rinsed as much as could. But still a bit of stain near the reverse lens. Trying to figure out a way to clean it. Other than that the unit is good.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Was thinking of doing that but was worried about condensation build up under the plastic. I'll give it a try and remove on some sunny days. I may also drive the car when weather permits. Just went to MKS - I think I'll do the gasket suggestion as there is no crack, worth it for 45 just in case anyway.
  4. Thanks for all the replies, good to have communication back on the site. I think I'll leave it alone. I may need to leave it outside for a spell this winter; I wonder if there is a way to cover it so water won't penetrate the area where the water would enter.
  5. Nice to see the site back online. I had the leak years ago; I drained it an reinstalled but never addressed a fix, as my car is mostly in the garage. How does the water get in and is there a fix? Thanks for any help
  6. Thank you so much Mike, you are the best at this. I have to weight my options.
  7. Excellent information Mike. My car runs perfect with stock injectors, even when leaking. Can stock injectors be purchased anywhere? What is the best option for aftermarket? Anything not requiring modification? Thanks
  8. 87' TSi - Had this issue a couple of years ago, found used stock injectors here that ran perfectly. The car came out of winter hibernation and injectors are leaking. I did a lot or reading here; does not seem to be anywhere to get stock injectors, if so, please let me know, if not, what is the best option. Thank you for any help
  9. I'm in Easton, how about you?
  10. Any tips on keeping rodents away from the car when storing outside for the winter? In the past I've had nest on top of the fuel tank right next to the pump, may of cause the pump to overheat. Also hah nuts deposited and blowing in through the vents.
  11. The lights on my climate control panel is very dim, the dash lights in general appears to be dim. The dimmer control works and is all the way up. I found lots of messages here but all deal with dash lights not working. Is there anything that can be done to brighten things up. Thanks
  12. "OEM muffler in good shape" - is this stock with twin chrome tail pipe? Can you post a pic?
  13. Is there a particular black paint that can be used or should it even be done? Thanks
  14. Looking for the 1 piece stock exhaust from after the catalytic converter back, new or in very good condition.
  15. Before replacing my clips the car would stall just by touching the secondary connector while running. Since replacing the clips I can leave the secondary unplugged and the car will start and idle normally. These electrical issues are strange. Replace the clips as recommended.
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