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  1. it was easy tunning car i drive it once awhile in the streets car has everything wipers all lights work window go up and down car isnt cut no where
  2. cam is i forgot lol best time is 10.51 at 129 fuel is c16 rear is from a datsun pickup gears are 437 turbo is a master power it a 70 in front and the rear wheel is a custom my tuner sent it to get done its not as big i think it a 69 boost is 22 psi but on nos it goes to 30 psi car will go way faster but the gears arent leting me im putting all the gears in even 5th and gettin on the rev lim and still havent pass the 1/4
  3. some video is up all passes are on some t70 ebay turbo and stock exaust manifold and having problems
  4. well i have that heavy pig on my car and i havent have no problems but everyone has the opinion ...........
  5. 555 with nos and block is not o ringed we couldve taken out more but the clutch was acting up so we left it like that
  6. lol on bird joke really is just a 70 in front and custom wheel in the back housing but its not bigger then 66 boost is 22 psi but when the nos is actavated to stays at 30 psi
  7. well that was a old pic car has 38 mm tial wg distributer is stock just locked in zero head is completly stock i mean stock just like it came from the dealer it even has the mjets but there just cut stock rockers only has a cam cause of the injectors turbo manafold is made from el gato performace in florida running t4 turbo
  8. yes does launch hard breaks the unversals all the time passes 1/8 at 6.5
  9. look best thing to do is put stock flywheel and get a 89 and up mazda turbo 2 clutch kit works perfect thats what i have that aluminum flywheel is strong but when it heats up evrything gets loose
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