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  1. Call me I would like some details on the car. Thanks Scott
  2. Where are you located? From the pictures im assuming its black?
  3. I updated the first post. Sold the D2's and complete rebuilt suspension as well as the wheels. So im just selling the bare chassis or the chassis with used suspension.
  4. The suspension is sold including the D2's and suspension parts with poly bushings. So now the chassis can be sold as a roller with a stock suspension or just the body. I have listed the wheels and tires as well for $1250 Make me an offer on the body and bring a trailer.
  5. Sorry for the delayin getting back!! have been really busy and just havent had a lot of time. Boho, I am as torn as ever in my life about parting with a project of this size!! I have been tempted to just sell some items and buy a roller to bolt all of my stuff on so i can play again! sick of just looking at a project with no money and no time!! Tae, Im sure we will talk! this is a project though not a bolt everything back on and drive. Jerry, Im in Hernando beach I sent you a PM. I Have listed a ton of performance parts at http://www.3800pro.com/forum/sale/41016-lots-performance-parts.html If anyone is interested.
  6. The suspension sold and so did the wheels. So i have the car just as a stripped chassis with a clear Title. I will sell it as a bare chassis for $800 or i will bolt on a complete used but working suspension for $1200 Look here http://s244.photobucket.com/albums/gg1/pagemo/#!cpZZ1QQtppZZ20 And here http://www.starquestclub.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=69675 And here http://www.starquest...howtopic=117143
  7. I have a set of spacers 32mm 5x114 bolt pattern and 67.1 center bore. These are custom made. New condition, Mounted on the car but never ran. I changed wheels and needed a smaller spacer. I will ship for $100 in US. Hubcentric wheel centric.
  8. Great colors cant wait to see the finished product, especially the seats with blue suede inserts!
  9. Bump...make me an offer these are perfect for many mustang wheel options on a conquest.
  10. I finally got a set of spacers for my wed sports and no longer need these. They are hubcentric and made from 6061 aluminum. If you dont know who Fred Goesk is he has been making custom wheel spacers and adapters for years and is well know for quality parts. I paid $160 for these i will take $115 shipped. These are quality not chinese ebay!! Text me if interestes. Not sure why but i cant PM with my phone? 7069683212 Scott http://i244.photobucket.com/albums/gg1/pagemo/2012-07-01_18-02-56_615.jpg http://i244.photobucket.com/albums/gg1/pagemo/2012-07-01_18-02-23_149.jpg
  11. Yeah i hate to not finish it my self as well but im tired of this dragging on and i just wont have time. The good news is in the curent state all it needs is roof skins welded on, rewelding the front drip rail i had to move(all readt fabbed) and door latches. So most of the design and critical stuff is done. The weather stripping will be stock up to the roof and will use a P shaped strip for around the roof. I may pull the the motor and take it across the street to a body shop to have the under hood and interior sprayed then bring it back to get the mechanical s finjshed then drive it to a body shop for exterior finishing?
  12. I am relocated to the west coast of florida in Hernando beach and i am looking for a good custom body shop to help me finish this project if anyone has any contacts??? On another note i picked up a set of stage 3 heads for the 3.8 so i have all of the engine parts now. The new job will keep me to busy to finish the body work so i have to find a good shop.
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