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  1. I know there are several meets and get-togethers over the next few days, the big one being PF, and I wanted to wish everyone safe travel. Have fun, be safe and get home in one piece. And remember-------PICS OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN. Happy 4th. JR
  2. cbkeyman Curt Boston and wife. Super great people.
  3. jolyrgr

    88 durban tx

    left a PM. Give a call please.
  4. I believe all shirts are going to be Haynes "Beefy T" in men's sizing. I will get one put in.
  5. I have had a few contact me about the shirts for the up-coming meet, so here is the info. I am going to place the order for the meet shirts this Friday. We should have record of those that registered, but if you were wanting an extra shirt, please post here and give me an ammount and size, and I will get it placed. I will try to keep a running total here and at 2.6 liter. Additional shirts are $15. I will deliver them at the meet, or I can mail them out after I return home. Thanks, JR
  6. PM returned. The 2.5" is surprisingly quiet, until you get into the higher revs. The 3" is a bit too much for me without a muffler. The system was designed for a 14" muffler, but the longer ones will fit, the rear hanger just needs to be attached to the muffler itself. Here is a pic of a 2.5" next to a stock take-off (coutresy Scotty Gibb) http://img12.imageshack.us/img12/7807/1000313sz.jpg These really are a quality made product. The shop owner has been making custom high flow exhausts for H and W body GM cars for years.
  7. Made to order exhaust systems for your '83-'89 Starion/Conquest. Turbo to tail pipe with "off-road" pipe and flex section. Direct fit for stock applications. Made right here in Kansas so I can monitor quality. These were built to be "driveway" installable. Those of you that made Branson last year saw us swap one into a Flatty in about an hour in the parking lot. 2.5"-------$295+ actual shipping. 3"----------$330+ actual shipping. Call for stainless pricing. Typically $100 additional. 3" Magnaflow cat. converter available to swap in/out with "off-road" section. Shop has a 1 week lead time standard. More details here
  8. How old is the coil and what brand is it? You may not be building a full charge between firings. I had that issue on a Accel coil right out of the box.
  9. The lines shipped to me today. I will PM those that missed it. JR
  10. PAYMENTS RECIEVED: Wintermute Cali Cloud81918 Import Warrior Dry Bear RPG Crazy Quest If your name is not here and should be...contact me so I don't miss your order. Thanks.
  11. As info, this radiator was designed to cool a V8 SBC, but has been professionally adapted for use in a SQ. With the set-up Tom is selling with it, even the hottest days will not be a problem. If you overheat with this package, you have serious issues. JR
  12. HIt up Dad here at ENGINE MACHINE SERVICE Scotty also had a nicely build motor posted in the for sale forum for a real decent price.
  13. SOLD pending payment. Thanks
  14. Last full day of orders. I will place the order Monday. Thanks to all that have orderd already. If you haven't received a PM yet regarding payment info, hit me up so you don't miss out. JR
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