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  1. That looks like a good deal to me.
  2. I have only used it a little bit. My gf's computer was acting up so i did a factory restore (windows 7). Then i upgraded to windows 10. The only issues i had are some of the bloatware that HP had in their win 7 instance will not run in windows 10 and i can't uninstall them either because it tries to run the program's uninstaller exe. So i should have removed all that stuff before converting/upgrading. Using windows 10 is different, i was never forced into win 8 for my day to day operations at work. I have to work on machines that have win 8 / 2012 on them and i get scared and confused on how to do stuff. So some of win 10 features are similar to that but have some of the similarities of win 7. I am annoyed on how they display the All Programs list though. If i had to use for work i think it might be neat because we use Office 365 and all that other cloud stuff so it seems like it would integrate nicely.
  3. @Alspos I haven't seen one like that before. Here is the one that came with my Magna, I'll see if i have a pic of it alone. http://i131.photobucket.com/albums/p299/jisleyjr/88conquest/th_IMG_20130403_190755_zps1708963d.jpg
  4. No kidding? Which area you moving to? And it isn't that cold here people
  5. I agree with the helicoil idea. I had to do that because of a similar situation. I ended up with 10mm studs because there wasn't enough material for 8mm helicoil kit to grab on to, which required me to drill out the exhaust manifold for the bigger studs. It worked out fine without any issue of loosing or exhaust leaks.
  6. Thanks Shelby for all the help directly and indirectly the last 15 years on this message board and other ones. I am praying for you.
  7. It was a brisk 5 degrees out but the sun was shining and the roads were nice and dry, so i loaded up the 88 with some cans/bottles/cardboard and drove over to a recycling drop off spot. I have a heated garage so starting it wasn't an issue. I ended up just cruising around for awhile and found out it is very easy to break the tires loose with cold summer tires.
  8. Sharp car, i like those wheels too. What are they? They remind me of the 03 Cobra Mustang, but i looked those up and they are different then these.
  9. Wow, thanks for pointing this out, i was kinda thinking about upgrading my intercooler.
  10. No we don't need to start a fire. I was just making sure that the fuel rail wasn't clogged up. I would make sure that it isn't clogged from where the regulator is hooked up to where the hose connects, i have seen this happen before. Make sure the return fuel line isn't clogged either, you should be able to remove the return hose and blow into it and hear gurgling in fuel tank. On an 87 only 1 injector is used for low rpm's, so if you see both injectors firing you have other issues.(stuck injector, possible short in wiring causing both injectors to fire) What does "if i disconnect the pipe from turbo" mean? Between turbo and MAF?
  11. What year is the car? You literally have the regulator removed and fuel isn't dumping out every where??
  12. Very nice and clean looking car. Welcome to the forums!
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