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  1. I'm going to suggest that we meet at the Ponderosa that we always go to on 231 just north of I40. I hear the service has gone downhill, so we can always go down the road to Ryan's after we meet up. I'll plan on trying to get there between 11:00 and 11:30.
  2. how far is the drive for you Josh? I ask, because I won't be able to stay for the duration of time I have in the past, maybe only an hour or two at most this year. I'd hate for you to drive for such a short time if it's a long trip.
  3. I'll see if I can't make it there. I'll be in town.
  4. neither are functions of the forum software, so not likely to happen unless they add those features
  5. The legality is that it isn't legal for anyone outside of non profit organizations to do raffles, that's why we haven't done any for the site to do fundraising.
  6. Thanks to those of you who have already helped out, this really does hit me at home. Those of you that haven't, there's still time
  7. USN Aviation Electronics Technician 88-95 Deployed onboard USS Independence when Kuwait was invaded, and was on location in under 48 hours doing doughnuts in the Persian Gulf for the next 121 days (we were the first US force on location, and likely thwarted any further invasion). We were also the first aircraft carrier to go into the Gulf of Oman in nearly 50 years and earned the Armed Services Expeditionary medal. I have well over 2 years of time spent floating on the ocean, and am a (trusty) Golden Shellback. Have been deployed on the following aircraft carriers (all that I can remember): USS IndependenceUSS MidwayUSS Carl VinsonUSS Nimitz
  8. It is again that time of year where I set my sights high, and walk to raise money to find a cure for diabetes. The cause: American Diabetes Association's "Step out to fight Diabetes" 23.6 million (24% are undiagnosed) children and adults in just the U.S. suffer from diabetes, America's fastest growing disease. Diabetes can, and does, lead to a wide range of other serious health complications. By helping me participate in Step Out, you're not just helping to funds to eliminate one disease. You're also battling cardiovascular problems, kidney failure, blindness, lower limb amputations, and much more. For those of you that don't know, my daughter Tori was diagnosed with Type I diabetes one month after her third birthday. I have participated in this walk ever since, and have been acting Volunteer Corporate Chairperson for the last few years. The pitch: What I would like to do this year is hold a raffle to give away prizes for donations, similar to what I do in an online game I play where I have already collected almost 1.8 million worth of in-game prizes to give away (check it out here: ryddler's EL raffle). In order to do that I need some vendors to step up and offer some prizes to the prize pool. If you are a vendor, and would like to donate a prize (should also be a tax deduction as well), please pm me the details. I will still appreciate any donations that are made even if we don't get any vendors to donate. All donations made prior to having any available prizes will be automatically added to the ticketholders list. Please make your donation at one of the following locations: http://main.diabetes.org/goto/tori2008 and include your Site user name in the personal note section.paypal donation and include your site user name. (note: paypal will charge ~4% so please use the method above if you can)
  9. Thanks for keeping us all up to date in real-time, guys, that's awesome. Nice pics, wish I could have popped in to say hi again this year...
  10. Try adding an asterisk like so: map*
  11. @shelby: I mean temporary internet files. Also if you have service pack 3 for xp, then heaven help you. We've had tech call after tech call at work about our members being unable to connect to us after SP3 was installed. The only solution so far has been to uninstall SP3.
  12. This is due to your browser refusing to give up the past and move on. If I were a betting man (ok, so I am) I'd put my money on you using Internet Explorer, and still set on the heinous default settings. Try going into Tools -> Internet Options, and on the first dialog tab find the option to clear/delete files. That _should_ clear up your problem.
  13. oh, no, of course not, but now that you mention it... I did have some more code I wanted to implement :thumbsup:
  14. Nah, that's just the code I put in to look for your name...
  15. I wasn't the site, it was the entire server that we live on. It may not be completely resolved yet, either.
  16. Pinned this so everyone can read and know to be cautious.
  17. Thats because boosted77 has his sig pic hosted there, and there was a configuration issue at 26liter that was prompting it.
  18. Yes, nipple was being replaced by mountain, there's no hacking going on, it was merely one of the words imported from a generic bad words starter file. I've removed it from the filter, but it won't undo what's already been done. There are still many words left to add, I'm sure, but that is *not* left as an exercise to the readers to test, or we'll have to test out that new feature that requires all your posts to be moderator approved
  19. While that font looks close, the Q is not right, I've emailed them to see if we could send them the font to use
  20. where exactly are you talking?
  21. I've just added an SQC Red theme as an experiment. Please poke around in it and let me know if there are any spots I missed...
  22. And you're right, there's no easy way to accomodate URLs for the gallery. Sorry.
  23. ^ is wrong, I'm still at work V will notice I decided to go home
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