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  1. Yes I've bought things from dad as well. I was just hoping somebody had an assembled head already.
  2. Looking for njv casting head. The more complete the better. Not looking for anything super ported or anything but os valves and such is a plus. Thanks in advance
  3. It is that one. The only good part on that white car was the new njv head. And now all that's gone and he's trying to up the price. Lol
  4. I want the oil cap. And the brake hose attachment shipped to 94503. Thanks
  5. Thanks for the tips. Ya I've read the new owners tips and that's why I was gunna flush and change coolant. But a lot of people have told me it's not going to help and is a waste of money. I'm gunna do it this weekend and I'll let u guys know. Thanks
  6. I don't know if the radiator needs servicing or not. It seems to work ok like I said it creeps to a little over halfway max. I don't know the condition of the t stat I'll probably replace it when I flush and refill the coolant. It's possible I have a cracked head or head gasket. I get a puff of smoke on cold start. So that may be why it's getting a lil hot. Car runs and drives great though so idk. What fans would you recommend to buy?
  7. The way I have it wired now it works fine as far as I know. The fans turn on when I start the car and turn off when I turn the car off. I ripped the switch out and just wired it to the wiper power wire. Now if it's putting to much of a load on my electrical system I'm not quite sure but everything still seems to work the same so far. I'll probably just keep it like this until I see a reason for changing it. My question now is besides getting a different radiator or having the radiator rodded out what can I do to keep my quest cooler?? It's creeping very slightly over half on hot days sitting there idling any tips for keeping it cooler? Is It worth it to have the coolant flushed and refilled?
  8. Is the air intake hard pipe and filter still available? If so could I get more info on it and price to 94503? Thanks
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