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  1. So what I just noticed is someone tried to tighten the nut and tack weld it so it wouldn't loosen. Now I can't even tighten the nut. I think I'm going to have to just weld the two pieces together better
  2. Kev which linkage arm am I linking the long spring to? I'm under here now and anywhere I put it it still moves up and down on me
  3. Can I just ad the spring without rebuilding and it will work or do you suggest rebuilding as well?
  4. So my steering wheel does not stay up and moves around a ton while driving. Didn't think much of it but now it's annoying as s*** haha. Anyone have this problem and know how to fix it? I can't get that great of a view at the linkage and what actually locks it into place. Don't want to rip apart everything
  5. Do you have small soft hose coming off intercooler
  6. Have a rear differential off my 87 conquest. Thought it had problems but brakes were locked up bought new one so I kept that one in. 150 plus shipping.
  7. Have set of trilogy injectors. Used in my 87 conquest ran great. 120 shipped
  8. Connerf5


    Where do you guys get your blow off valves, where's the best place to install it and do I have to do any tuning to compensate for it?
  9. http://m.ebay.com/itm/FOR-86-91-PRELUDE-Si-BB-BA4-SHORT-RAM-AIR-INTAKE-BLUE-PIPE-FILTER-INDUCTION-KIT-/181455040416?nav=SEARCH something like this??
  10. How does one get a cold air setup on 87 quest. I see them on here all the time but I'm confused on what filter etc with the big tail maf.
  11. Dash lights do work. Well half of them do. Around the radio they don't light up nor does the radio display light up. The blower doesn't function as of now.
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