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  1. So, I found the grounds for the rear harness in the shop manual. I cleaned them up really well and reinstalled the wires. I have power and ground present at the sending unit. I can command the low fuel switch on/off with my power probe. The yellow and black signal wire from the sending unit to the gauge is normally grounded, and when I apply 12v to is, the gauge goes up. Without applying 12v, the gauge reads right around 1/4 tank with the key on or engine running (I added $20 of gas 2 days ago). To me this indicates the sending unit is faulty, but since I'm fairly new to these cars, I wanted to see if there is anything else I should be checking first?


    Thanks in advance.

  2. Nothing that I know of. Just wanted to see if anyone was running any sort of engine dress up set ups? Plus a car that has been sitting over the 30+ years is bound to have some kind of deposits collecting in the cooler lines.
  3. Looking for a motor preferably long block. I'm in Oregon but could possibly commute to washington, California, etc. Let me know what you have and where youre located.
  4. I've got a few random parts for sale. Prices are for parts only, shipping will be added.


    Radiator - It's seen better days but could be saved. $20

    Heat shields - $15 each for the large, $5 for the small.

    Evap canister with bracket $5

    ABS unit with bracket $20

    EGR parts $5 each

    Universal cooling fans $10 for the pair

    Stock exhaust system (not including down pipe) muffler is in good condition. No holes. Make offer


    Large heat shield sold. Over turbo and small shield still available.


    Cooling fans pending.















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