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  1. I'm selling my beloved conquest,car was my daily driver everything mechanical has been rebuilt or replaced with new parts. Motor has been rebuilt top to bottom along with a 89 transmission I had rebuilt car has 115k miles turbo has no shaft play and spools up great. Rare Atlantic blue color with no rust period. Only reason I'm selling is because I need the money bad car is almost finished all it needs is the wire harness swapped in and get a respray on the paint sense clear coats almost gone. This car is awesome and it turns heads everywhere I go but times are tough and gotta let the project go. Comes with a garage full of extra stuff including a almost complete brown/tan interior $2000 firm with all extra and rare parts to go along with the car $2500 with the louvers parts and extra set of wheels Located in union sc anymore info or pics pm me I have pictures on Instagram look up @hatchlyfe96 or pm me here and I'll be glad to send more info and pics over text message . CAR MUST BE TOWED!
  2. I don't have one period haha I need it ocd kills me!
  3. Man that blows hope they come back in stock!
  4. So did the link to that site not work? I was about to order one from them but with a greedy flange
  5. I need the little rectangle snap on cover that hides the screw on the right side of the under dash knee panel on the drivers side. In black if possible I'd post a picture but the site says its to big. Thanks
  6. Will that intake boot fit a SQ for sure? I need it if so
  7. If your parting out the car I need thedriver and passenger side complete wiper arm with the pin in it
  8. Hey guys I need a step by step guide to removing the head and that link in the faq isn't working anyone please help?
  9. I'm in the upstate sc area I might be down if I can get out of work
  10. I'm about to swap a different trans in my car along with my new clutch what weight of gear oil does conquest take? Or is there anything else you guys run?
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