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  1. Rear calipers for the Mitsubishi Starion. New bearings! New belleview washers! I completely disassembled the calipers, cleaned them with a dremel, cleaned the moving parts with a wire brush, had the calipers bead blasted, then I painted and reassembled them with all the parts that they came with (the rubber parts and pistons were in ok nick and the calipers were working so I reused the parts). All operational and functional, but no brake fluid added so you can disassemble them and fit a new seal, dust boot and piston kit easily if you want to. The only part that is missing (apart from the brackets and pad hardware) is the handbrake cable guide/bracket on one of the calipers. Instructions for reassembly are in the forums here: Instructions work a treat! Rear calipers only, no brackets. Good for an economy restoration! Pricing is in New Zealand dollars (I accept paypal) and can easily calculate freight costs when I have your address (approx $60 to $80 NZD). Calipers are, obviously, located in New Zealand. International shipping is not a problem if you're happy to pay for it. $350nzd ono
  2. Yeah, I have contacted a few fastener suppliers.. The thing is the actual Mitsy washer is M12 x 28 x 0.75 which is very specific, the closest I have found is M12.2 x 28 x 1 which may not really work.. I'll get a few and try them, but I'm not optimistic.
  3. Hi everyone, I am after enough washers to re-build 2 sets of rear calipers. The actual part I am after is what's called a "belleville" washer, it is part of the hand-brake (e-brake) system in the rear caliper. When stacked over each other they work as spring. Someone at MMC was most likely smoking meth when they designed the rear calipers for this car because it is weird, painfully complex and disintegrates into dust with a little moisture exposure. The Mitsubishi part number is MB134689 and in the exploded diagrams it is also listed as part 52957C. I will attach an image showing this. Can anyone help me?
  4. Yeah, these go for around $50 to $100, $500 is a bit steep. Did this come out of a 2 litre or 2.6 litre? Cheers.
  5. Hi there guys, I have a 1988 Widebody Starion 4G63. I am after a spare factory ECU for it. The car runs fine and has it's factory ECU installed, but I would like a spare so I can re-map it for a performance boost, and have the ability to swap it back to the factory ECU keep the car genuine if needed. I anyone has (or knows of) an ECU that I could buy, your help would be greatly appreciated. I live in New Zealand, by the way, so international shipping and payment is a small obstacle we'd have to overcome. Cheers guys.
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