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  1. Regrinds can be compensated without any issues if the grinder is competent. Ive had small block chevy stock cams reground before and all they do is weld the area needed and after that they heat treat the cam before regrinding then another heat treatment is done before polishing.
  2. Im still in the process of figuring the exact degreeing of the cam for use with the 3.0 rollers. The issue is that every grind has differences in lobe center. For my cam im going to figure out exactly how far apart the contact point is from a slipper to a roller then go from there. Theres a fraction that has to be used to figure all the changes out. I do believe that the slipper vs 3.0 roller contact patch is roughly .080" off maybe a little more which is roughly 8-12* off what the lobe center should be. As for the magna rollers i acuired a set when my mother was in the uk. She is a g54 gearhead herself and has been finding stuff in the uk every year when she goes there for work purposes. Not sure of part numbers but i can tell you that there is a difference between them and the 3.0 rollers. She has also acuired a set of billet roller rockers that were custom made with mech adjusters from a uk company that went out of buisness 3 years ago. Ive been trying to get her to send me some so my machine shop can replicate them. She wont come off them though. As for the billet cam stock. It was made by bme as that company is a sponsor for my two race cars. It took me three months to get the company to make me one with alot of nagging every week and cost me 450$ even with my sponsor discount. This is why i have to do alot of numbers research and roller research bc i want it to be correct so im not wasting 700$ on a custom cam.
  3. Lady decided to give it to her grandson who is currently hacking the s#*^ out of it. Sucks bc all it needed was a fuel pump and injectors to run again
  4. Elgin cams doesnt grind or regrind cams for the g54. Crower cams will grind a cam to any specs you could want. Also the cam grinder that Tim C. Used for his grinds is Colt Cams located in canada. Spoke with the owner today and a very nice guy.
  5. Ok so my car has no e brake cables at all. Can they still be purchased new? Anyone know part numbers for them if they can be purchased new?
  6. Ok so the lower part of the quarter panel behind the door, from door jam to fender lip from bottom pinch weld up about 14" is needed. Mine got slammed into a couple days ago in the alley behind my house and i am in need of this part as mine got crushed. Anyone have this part of qtr panel they would sell cheap?
  7. Redcat, where are you from? And how much would you need for one?
  8. Looking for a 5 speed trans in or near pittsburgh pennsylvania but not looking to spend a ton for one.
  9. U looking for a chrome pipe that goes from turbo to the intrrcooler that wraps around the factory airfilter housing? I have one but no couplers and its scratched up a little bit but cleans up very nice
  10. I have a set of thunderbird half shafts and the center section. Im having pittsburgh driveline make a set of hubs that will do away with the 4 or 6 bolt hub all the way and allow the axles to come through the hubs like on the thunderbirds. The ford 8.8" center section can handle 500+ hp as well as the axles. So hopefully the hub assemblies when made will be just as strong. Also a gm 2.5liter bell housing matches our motors very closely except for two bolt holes which i think can be easily tig welded shut and new ones drilled, this would allow the use of the 5 speed trans out of the 2.5 or 2.8 s10 or the older 82-91 2.8 v6 camaro trans to be used. Just gotta figure out starter area and the 2.5 liter clutch disc with our flywheel and pressure plate
  11. Its been an ongoing restore with a mild built g54. Bored 40 over 8.5:1 compression bullet forged pistons h beam rods lightened and knife edged crank. Custom grind crower high lift mech cam ported and blended non jet head with 2mm oversized valves going mpi on it shortly after intake is finished being made. Gt35r ball bearing 82a/r turbo custom header etc. keeping it streetable use. But i was just trying to see if there are any axles available new for either 4 or 6 bolt axles. I have the whole rear assembly in both setups. I have a bad axle in the 4 bolt stuff but good rebuilt 6 bolt axles. So my best bet is using 6 bolt axles? Also what kind of trans would be able to be swapped in without alot of money and hacking? I went through 3 transmissions already in my daily driver
  12. Ok so i know everyone says the 6 bolt axles are much better to use but is it worth swapping everything over from the 4 bolt? Are the 6 bolt axles alvailable because i know ive tried to find 4 bolt axles for a year and nobody stocks them, except a mitsubishi dealer in california that is selling them at 325$ each as vintage nos parts.
  13. In need of a good 4 bolt wide body axle for my intercooled 1987 conquest tsi. And a rear passenger side caliper. Please text or call me if you have some at a reasonable price 4123158051
  14. No trades sorry. I need the money to get my wifes car back together.
  15. Hey i have a brand new stage 1 performance crate motor 318 for sale. Still wrapped in plastic and crated. Selling for 1800$ was 2700$ when purchased a month ago for my truck but since scrapped the truck and never installed motor. Perfect swap motor if ur looking for a v8 swap. Engine is a performance build with 375hp tested and proven. Small performance motor from jasper with a 3 year 100,000 transferable warranty. Contact me at 4123158051 i live in pittsburgh pa
  16. How much u need for it and $$$ for shipping? I need one asap as its my daily driver but im kinda hurting on money with a new baby last month. That makes 3 kids a house and garage payment etc... No spare money for toys even though its my daily 😥😥
  17. Im looking for a local trans for my 88 quest. Im in pittsburgh pa but willing to travel to like ohio to get one on the cheap. Not sure whats wrong with mine but after i let a friend borrow mine it started whining badly in all gears. I pulled the pan and switched fluid but no difference. It also feels tight inside. It recently started being hard to shift from 1st to second also. Any local trannys?
  18. Sq rescue, the carb conversion is underway. Decided on making an intake from scratch and using a 650 hp series blow through holley with mechanical secondaries instead of boost reference secondaries. Also going with a msd ignition box and a holley hp electric fuel pump with holley boost reference fpr. I think with the motor the way it is will handle 30psi of boost and i know the garrett gt35r will supply the boost no problem. Only thing im not sure about is if i should use my big intercooler or not as my buddys camaro carb and intake gets frost on it from such a cold air charge with the intercooler.
  19. So would it be possible to run the ford mass air flow sensor without a translator like yhe guy i know is running in his d50 with g54 and quest computer?
  20. Got the maf info for the ford one he used. It is for 96-99 4.6 or 5.4ltr motors. The older ones dont have a iat sensor built in but could be used with a translator like the gm maf. The newer style can be wired in directly with no translator. But requires more fuel pressure and bigger injectors to get rid of lean issues. The ford maf flows approx 30% more than a 1g maf. Also the ford mafs are labeled either with letters or numbers but they are the same pinouts. A=1 and so on. A is iat sensor signal, B is iat signal return, C is maf sensor signal, D is maf signal return, E is ground, F is pcm power switched power. So guys when u take a look at this tell me if u think it will work. The guy i know that is using this has an adjustable rr fpr running at 45psi idle and uses fic 950/1350cc injectors. He also runs a 70a/r turbo at 22psi with ext w/g and bov.
  21. Just curious has anybody ever tried using a ford maf sensor on a quest? Just splicing it directly to our harness? A person i know has a d50 that has a turbo g54 using quest computer with no translator and a maf sensor from a 5.0 mustang.
  22. Is it possible to use a 2g maf with harness adapter on a quest? If so is there any benefits? Can you run higher boost with a bigger turbo?
  23. Yes still has ballast resistor for injectors. Had them checked and were good
  24. Scott, have u ever repaired a factory ecu? If so how much do u charge? I have two that i could use repaired if i stay tbi
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