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  1. Dang. Buncha whiners on here. This guy is not rock auto, he's a guy just like you. Sounds like you all got great deals on great parts. In any business deal you want 3 things. Quality, cheap price, and fast service. If you are lucky you get 2. I got a great part packed VERY well at a steal of a price. And it was probably faster than getting back-ordered by Mitsu after paying $300 (tail light). I feel lucky. Thanks Jeff. Please continue to support the community, even if it's filled with snieveling brats. -Tony *EDIT* ok, most of the brats were years ago... anyway, thx .
  2. How do you get true TDC with a piston stop? go from both sides and average?
  3. I'd pay $200 for a torque-tube/diff with zero play. Is this one nice and tight? I can take freight at work.... any idea on shipping to VA? 23455.
  4. Sounds like a good Sunday afternoon. I'll give this a shot this weekend and let you guys know.
  5. Scott, Right on man. This sounds like a definite possibility in my case. Maybe I can find a dizzy on here and rebuild it so I can just swap it out. for a piston stop... is there a writeup on here with how big it should be?
  6. Of course, the timing marks only go to 15 if I remember, so 20 was a bit of a guess.
  7. I realize the stupidity of running blind with the advance, which is why I brought it up. It makes me uncomfortable and I will address it soon. The real problem is it seems there is something wrong with my timing sytem, because at 10 deg it is all boost no go. I had to run 20 deg before just to make it feel right and get ok mileage. (these numbers came from my timing light... w/ vac adv. plugged) Ken, Thanks for the feedback! So, does the knock box pull timing if it feels detonation? Maybe mine is faulty? How can I test it? Dad, Glad to have your input. I remember reading here somewhere that the stock fuel system is good for 15 psi, so I though 14 would be ok. I've thought of getting a wideband sensor/gauge, but how would I adjust the mixture if I didn't like what I saw? Need to install RRFPR?
  8. Hey guys. 86 ESI-R supposedly with 89 motor. (had small clutch...which was installed backwards... sigh) Got the ol girl back on the road and am remembering I was tweaking on the timing before I put her away for the 2 year bushing/strut/clutch upgrade. I put in a new vac advance and fixed all the leaks when I got the car, and everything seems to be working well. I put a helper spring on the wastegate to run 14psi, and am using NGK BP7ES at .044" stock gap. So with the colder plugs (well i think 7 is factory for 89, but it had 6 in it...) I started to push timing and the butt dyno gave the thumbs up. I've heard 12 deg BTDC is the remommended max, but when I parked it I had set it to about 20... now i've pushed it a bit more without putting a light on it. My question is if something might be wrong that is pulling timing allowing me run so much? Is my vac advance (boost retard) overactive? Is it adjustable? Is there a centrifugal advance that could be sticking or someone effed with? Messed up Knock box? I pushed the timing to a smidge from bottomed out, and it ran great on the highway with better top end, but did a bit of spitting and sputtering at idle after warmed up... so i backed off a hair and it seems like the sweet spot. I'm afraid to check it tho because the number will probably scare me. Car feels great now... so you'll have to come drive it before calling me an idiot for running so much advance, lol. Any advice appreciated. -Tony
  9. got a lead on the starion light, but thanks! *edit* someone hear an echo?
  10. Can I have seconds on the nice pass tail light? Mine just got smashed
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