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  1. Nice shape and low miles. Nice interior http://denver.craigslist.org/cto/3346380688.html
  2. Not my car but figured I would post it since it seems like a good deal and the car just needs new paint, etc. http://denver.craigslist.org/cto/3345945498.html
  3. Wish you were closer. I bleed for V8 swapped cars. That is a nice set up. A 6 speed and it would be juicey as sin.
  4. Custom T56 Install with Willwood hydraulics
  5. New diff and gears in the GOAT
  6. That same car was for sale in Aurora late last year for $700 needing a head gasket... It has some bondo and some suspension damage from what I remember another member telling me. I made a low ball offer that got ignored. Somone obviously dragged it home though. I recently saw that same car posted for sale in Denver. Now it is once again for sale... That car is a loose woman of ill repute that has been around. $2900... Good luck
  7. I drove by a few days ago and its still sitting there just rotting in the ghetto... Poor thing. It deserves so much better.... NOT!!
  8. Hi Tim, What machinist are currently using for thus build? I might just have to tear down and get it done the right way after all the hooplah I have put myself through. I am in Lakewood so hopefully this machinist is not too far from me. Thanks in advance!
  9. I have a newly remanufactured 16g turbo, all seals are new... its either the gasket failed upon initial startup after assembly or the freking cylinder wall is cracked or... there are imperections on the block decking... Or the brand new head I installed is a POS and it hasa a crack somehwere.
  10. The engine is burning coolant in the low comp #1 cylinder. It is not burning oil (yet or I only smell burning coolant) and I am pretty sure the low comp number has to do with the head gasket leaking or cracked cylinder wall maybe. It starts fine and runs good but eventually starts to suck coolant in and from then on its a stinky steamer. 95 does seem low but the car runs good aside from the one cylinder eating and burning coolant. The rings may need to be run a while as the engine has sat for a long time. It may just be time for a new short block or engine swap. I will have to check the isc and see if its opening when cranking. Doubt bad rings are my issue... Then again the whole car could be f'd
  11. Buy a good running car to begin with??? Project SQs sometimes, are always projects. Good luck and welcome!
  12. I completely agree. Everything was per spec aside from the front cylinder so I did a decent job considering it was my first G54B top end rebuild. Being as I bought a new head, new turbo, injectors...etc. I did not really cut corners aside from not just bolting in a new engine. Everything looked good. Not my first head gasket. Followed the manual like it was a bible. It was my first unsucessful HG but I will give it another shot with the engine in the car and if that does not take I may just consider an engine swap or move on. Thanks
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