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    conquests, starions, mopar, and my montero
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  1. Ha yeah I know I took it down there last year too see my great grandma and their freakin everywhere where she lives
  2. I'm leavin my quest in ky for my dad and takin my gsxr down there hopefully I can find a quest down there ill most likely be there the 13-14th of april
  3. Haha I want one really bad my roommates have hybusas and gsxrs and I want one but I won't be able to find a super nice nick right now
  4. Well the conquest is getting a ton of attention this summer and I need a cheap beater or street bike if anyone has anything for 1300 locally let me know
  5. I need ten please send me an address to send a money order too
  6. Does a g54b weigh without a head
  7. Haha how much? And how much shipped to 41042?
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