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  1. Right now I don't have the extra cash to buy these and start selling them plus there are just too many sizes to guess what will sell. Last time I did that it took almost 8 months to get my money back. If there are members out there that want these and have the funds ready to go let me know. I sell these fore $186.00 shipped. Check them on e-bay and see where the price is at from another seller. Brian
  2. Sorry for the late reply, I've been struggling with a chest cold for over a week and tomorrow is the last day of antibiotics thankfully. Took a look under the car today and its about what I would expect from a norhtern car with 160 plus grand on it... Crushed in frame rails, rust, cobwebs... not exactly what I would consider putting back on the road which is why I'm selling it for parts. The engine / trans / flywheel and clutch setup are well worth $500 that I'm asking...
  3. It's been quite some time since I've been under there so I'll have to look. The car is from Delaware and sat for years in North Carolina. I'll get under there and look for you as soon as the rain stops.
  4. That upper plug on the rear is just like a rubber plug that pushes in. It may be vented because its got sort of a bulbous head on it... I never looked at it close enought to see for sure. I would imagine it's got to be a vent plug since I don't remember there being any other vents on the housing. If you posted up in the parts wanted I would imagine someone would be willing to give you one.
  5. That's good, I really don't feel like crawling under that car anymore... Just want it gone..
  6. Torque tube is there and was in good shape last I checked it when I pulled out the rear pumpkin. You said : Do you need the rear diff also? I have one from my 89 starion but its a little rusty since it was a Pa car all its life.
  7. Fuel tank was in good shape last time I cleaned / changed the filters.
  8. If anyone is interested in fuel injectors let me know. I have started a new job and there is no more crazy traveling all over the place. I had people asking if I still offered these over the past year but had no way to make up the kits. Ok, I'll leave it at that and see where this goes.
  9. I was looking for Herons website because someone was interested in his fuel pressure regulator so I googled the name trilogy turbos and this is what came up. Is this some kind of a joke or is he really cleaning toilets now??? https://m.facebook.com/pages/Trilogy-Turbos-Heron-Weitzel/166464206698821
  10. I emailed spaturbo today and asked them about the diaphragm that is damaged because my regulator is identical to the one they're selling. They were very curious to know where I got it and who was selling it and how long ago bought it. I'm thinking they're getting their regulators from the same place Haren had the made years ago. The bad news is they do not have a rebuild kit for the Station regulator but I might be able to get a new one if I send this one back.
  11. That fuel pressure regulator from Spa turbo is the exact same regulator that Heron from trilogy turbos was selling a few years ago. The real interesting part of it is if you look where their branch store is located it is in Brazil. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about Heron is from Brazil and that's where it was said his first style regulator came from.
  12. No one can just pull a number out of the air on what fuel pressure is safe to run with your setup. If you want to know what pressure is safe to run you need to have a wideband and that will tell you exactly what pressure is safe.
  13. The first ebay link looks like Trilogy's first style regulator with the square adjuster bolt and all. Except for the blue doughnut probably covering the screws holding it together. I have one but the diaphragm was put in twisted and it got pinched so it leaks. I can't sell it because I can't get a new diaphragm for it.
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