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  1. is the a/c delete duct still available?
  2. I'm interested in random interior screws/bolts. specifically ones to take the dash, console, and surrounding parts off.
  3. It's for a friends 89, however i believe i found him good set of stock ones. Thanks
  4. What would you recommend for a factory replacement for a completely stock car?
  5. also need a set. let me know if you find any.
  6. need a green top secondary injector in good shape
  7. oops, forgot there was a items wanted section. my bad
  8. Looking for a GOOD secondary injector for an 89. Thanks.
  9. does anyone have page 8-37 from the Electrical Service manual? It's missing from the pdf document on starquestgarage and i could really use it. thanks
  10. Hey Larry, been a while, hope all is well. I had the seller give the buyer my number in case he needed any parts. I'd hate to see this thing end up in the scrap yard because it's in the wrong hands. I had every intention on buying the car. Only reason it's not sitting in my driveway is i lent a friend a large chunk of the cash I was going to use for the car. Considering the guy had it for sale for over 2 years, i didn't think it was going anywhere in the few weeks I had to wait to get my money back. Oh well, guess it wasn't meant to be.
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