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  1. If you would have read the entire post you would have seen the link for the pics. Car is sold!
  2. I will be taking off the 16g and putting the 14g back and taking off the *DM exhaust so new price will be 2500 OBO.
  3. I will be adding a video some time tomorrow.
  4. Well I'm still undecided but the main reason I want to sell the car is because of California!! Car runs good, the reason I would get rid of the car is because It does not have any smog equipment! I purchase the car from a guy that had like 3 of them so I assume he knew these cars pretty well. The car is gutted on the inside and has the door panels, seats and the dash with some holes cut out on passenger side for gauges. The car has white gauges, eclipse steering wheel and short shifter (it shifts good by the way). On the outside the car is complete including an 83 hood (metal not fiberglass) I also have the side spoilers not pictured on the car, it could also use a paint job. Wheels have been painted bronze and tires are basically new. The car is also sitting on d2 coilovers (these things are awesome). As far as engine goes I cant say it has been rebuilt for sure but the block looks like its been painted black and its pretty clean! The car starts right away and it idles really good. It has the hard motor mounts so it vibrates the car a little. I also put in a 16g turbo when i first got the car, I bought it from a forum member. I also added a 1g mas and installed the hard pipes and *DM intercooler. Also has *DM aluminum radiator. Like I said the car runs good and it pulls hard but retarded california laws make me not wnat to go through the pain of finding all the smog equipment and installing it. I'm not interested in parting the car and I'm not in a rush to sell it. I just went and bought a 1968 javelin and want to fix that one up (dont have to worry about smogging that one). I'm sure I am missing some stuff but feel free to ask. Thanks for looking. Dont know ho to post pics but here is the Flickr Album
  5. Like the title says http://losangeles.craigslist.org/sfv/cto/2264147282.html
  6. Orange County Craigs.... http://orangecounty.craigslist.org/cto/2064796050.html
  7. Purchased a 16g turbo from Zack and item was just as described! Installed and spooling great! Fast Shipping! Will buy from him again! A+++
  8. Like the title says.. I need a good working EGR.
  9. Headliner w/ sunroof? and the complete carpet if its in good condition...
  10. So is this a straight forward upgrade from stock? Anything else needed?
  11. Are you willing to ship the engine?
  12. As always you are right on Indiana!! Yeah the voltage at pin #6 reads .6DCV. Car runs good now but I think I might need motor mounts. Car shakes alittle at idle. I'm still trying to get used to doing the TPS/ISC adjustment. Thanks again for you help...
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