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  1. It's been way too long! Need some drive time already :(
  2. Thanks all of you! Hopefully we have our meet earlier than last year because if not I will be huge lol.
  3. Still havent got her running tryin tho :(
  4. I think I may be dreading the up coming meet this time! At least Nancy gave me her ac so maybe it wont be that bad :S
  5. I havent been on in so long and actually made a post (btw this is Kim not Bryan lol). We just have been super busy since the last meet in Little Rock. Right after the meet Bryan's appendix tried to rupture so he had to have surgery. He started a new shift at his job with more hours and pay right after his surgery. We moved into our house and have been trying to fix up the shop so we can get some car construction going on with both of our cars lol. Then we got some wonderful news. We are expecting a baby next year! My expected due date is July 1st. I just wanted to put on here that a new starquester will be coming along and I know that he or she will love our cars as much as i do and will one day have his/ her own. Whether i have to beat it into them they will drive a starquest lol. Any how that's all i had to say for now.
  6. Your best bet is to buy mandrel bends piece by piece. If you get a kit you'll end up doing that anyway. http://www.siliconeintakes.com/ and ebay is where I got all my stuff. buying T-bolt clamps in bulk is a good idea if all your pipes are the same size.
  7. I was thinking about doing that and then tinting them... wish I had some extras to experiment on Thanks for the advice guys
  8. Im thinking about putting Led bulbs in my tail lights. Should I just buy all white and lenses do the coloring? Or do I need to buy the same color led as the lense?
  9. For anyone out there searching the site for info. Ive got my setup running... Dont buy the TPS plug from rockauto. The wires pull out easily
  10. I NEED THOSE!!!! MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. DGAF YoU jacked my post!!!! IDC lol! NIce engine bay btw
  12. Cant wait to see how she goes with the new mpi
  13. I lost one of the two rubber pads that mount the crossmember to the body while putting in a new clutch. Is there any link to buy a new one or does anybody have a used one i can buy? Thanks flattiefan
  14. He gave us his back leather seats for free. Great condition as he told us they were. Fast shipping and fast replies. He's even gone as far as to help us find some front seats. If you ever see something you wanta buy from him dont hesitate. He's a great guy. Give him an A++
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