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  1. Bump for the fact that I'm running 22 psi now and this thread is way to old for an update Redid my Intake with a new filter and ran the piping a little different! Played with the tuning a little as well as changed the fuel pressure around. I need to find another dyno, this thing feels way faster than the 18 psi did. Will be at PF tomorrow!!
  2. You got me wanting to finish up my car now buddy!! Ive got a full set of D-2 Coil overs to put on, a modded magna and a mega squirt system... You going to PF this year?
  3. Small list so far! Im not putting my name till im for sure off work!
  4. I have something for you. Ill bring it to Pigeon Forge...
  5. Im in Myrtle But really want to get back on another drag strip!! Have some tires to try out!!!
  6. http://i163.photobucket.com/albums/t308/Bluecook/CamSpecs.jpg
  7. Nothing new really haha, it pretty much just sits at the house till we have something new to play with. Got a new clutch put in and went to the drag strip. Did a 13.7 at 102 at 10 psi with a horrible and I mean horrible bogging start. Like I launched at 4900 rpms and the car fell on its face to 1500 rpms. Guess well figure out how to launch these Mickey Thompson's soon... Sending you a pm now Brian
  8. http://i163.photobucket.com/albums/t308/Bluecook/downsized_0318001500-1.jpg Crappy cell pic from last drag strip trip....
  9. Very nice pictures man!!! Anyway you could send me the full size of this shot?
  10. 1. conquesttsiguy, Tucson AZ 2. Intercooledflatty New Orleans 3. Starfighterpilot, Atlanta, GA 4. JAinsworth, Lizella GA 5. BoostedQuest89- SE Indiana 6. Ragdoll_unlimited minneapolis mn 7. Big Al, Norfolk VA (?) 8. tim si , tellico plains tn. 9. Tman ,lucasville ohio (with newly pimped quest) 10. Jewelz76, lucasville,ohio (Tmans wife) 11. Elkidmino, Royal Oak, MI 12. Cyberquest, (lancaster,oh) 13. HotrodTSi, Norton, Va 14. FijiPhil, Richmond, VA 15. Dad, Youngstown, OH 16. ColdScrip, Youngstown, OH 17. PDodson, Baton Rouge, La 18. Couth'nize, Chattanooga,TN 19. 19cturbo, Kingsport, TN 20. Coke, Pembroke, NY 21. pure insanity, atlanta,Ga. 22. nomad, Huntsville, AL 23. zack_morris, fayetteville, tn (leaving it as a maybe for now...) 24. TSIGAL, Kingsport, TN 25. Big John, Kingsport, TN 26. BlueCook, Chapin, SC 27. RGAV8R, Chapin, SC
  11. Should be there as long as nothing drastic happens...
  12. Dang lol! You gunna be able to finish it before PF? Did you decide on setups?
  13. High School (3 years ago) 6'3" 165# Bench: 245 max 1 Leg Press: 380 Squat: 365 Hang Clean 225 Now 6'3" 192 College life took over haha ive slowy started to work out again...
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